It is undeniable that the quality of coffee is the first element of your business success. But the coffee packaging is sometimes even more important than the contents. After all, your customers can’t judge the quality of coffee at a glance. But custom coffee bags wholesale is fine. With personalized coffee bags, your products can instantly grab consumers’ attention and stand out from many competitors. Therefore, you may start searching for “coffee pouches wholesale” on Google. As a professional flexible packaging company, we are happy to provide you with bulk coffee bags wholesale service. We have more than 10 years experience in coffee packaging bags wholesale and custom coffee packaging. You don’t have to worry about our professionalism as a wholesale coffee bags supplier.

Coffee Bags Wholesale Options

fin seal & side gusset coffee bag

Biodegradable Coffee Bags Wholesale

The biodegradable coffee bags are 100% environmentally friendly, and they meet the EN13432 standard. We designed it with windows and easy-to-seal zippers. Biodegradable coffee bags wholesale can be an excellent promotional point for your products.


Paper Coffee Bag

Paper coffee bean bags wholesale should be the best packaging option to reduce your cost. It is light, portable, and the price is at least half that of other coffee bags bulk. And we can give it a gorgeous appearance. Hibags provide a white coffee bags wholesale service to make your products stand out.


Side Gusseted Coffee Bags

The side gusset coffee bag has a four-corner structure, which can carry a heavier load. We can easily use it with tape, clips, and tin strips. This way, the coffee can maintain long-term dryness and freshness. We provide different styles of gusset bulk coffee bags wholesale, including foil bags, polyethylene bags, and paper bags.

stand up coffee bag

Stand Up Pouch Coffee Bags

Standing pouches are the most popular type of pouch in coffee packaging. Because it is stable and durable, it can stand on the shelf. This is undoubtedly a kind of publicity for your product. As a professional wholesale coffee bags supplier, our printed coffee bags wholesale service is highly praised by customers.

Block Bottom Coffee Bags

The flat bottom coffee bag has a square gusset at the bottom to stand before filling the contents. It combines the characteristics of a gusset bag and a stand-up bag. Our flat bottom bulk coffee bags wholesale service can also customize valves, windows, and zippers.

fin seal & side gusset coffee bag (34)

Wholesale Coffee Bags with Valve

Hibags’ one-way valve coffee bags are tamper-proof. You can prevent oxygen from entering by wholesale coffee bags with valve. And we provide 12 oz coffee bags wholesale service. They allow you to fill the whole bag with coffee.

Flat Pouch Coffee Bags

Wholesale flat-bottomed coffee bags are another perfect choice for coffee packaging. It has the same stable structure as the standing bag, and we offer various options in white, gold, and red. Just put your coffee in the bag, then seal it, and you can sell it to your customers. We offer a discount to customers of black coffee bags wholesale.

Tin Tie Bags Wholesale

The function of the Tin Tie coffee bag is to enable you to reclose the bag. Most of its inner lining is made of environmentally friendly materials so that it can be in direct contact with your coffee with confidence. If you want a tin tie bags wholesale service, we will offer you some discounts. Consult now, and there are unexpected offers!

fin seal & side gusset coffee bag (54)

Gloss Poly Lined Coffee Bags

The glossy surface of the polyethylene-lined coffee bag enhances the aesthetics of the product. Who doesn’t like pretty things? Gloss Poly Lined Coffee Bags bulk must be the ideal choice for your business. They will help your coffee retains its fresh flavor. In addition, we have the option of 12 oz coffee bags wholesale.

Industrial Use: Coffee bean packing Ground coffee packing Other food stuff
Material Structure: PET/VMPET/PE PET/AL Foil/PE Kraft Paper/AL Foil/PE
Feature: Food grade material, Moisture proof Strong side sealing, High oxygen barrier Perfect custom printing up to 10 colors
Pouch styles: Stand up pouch Side-gusseted pouch Flat-bottom pouch
Sealing Option: Top zipper Side easy-tearing zipper Tin-tie
Size and thickness 8oz , 16oz, 32oz 250g , 500g , 1000g Or to be custom
One-way valve: With or without, as per client’s need
MOQ: 10000 pcs, more or less depending on the pouch dimensions
Price: Depending on 3 aspects: pouch size ; pouch style ; printing colors & design

Questions about wholesale coffee bags packaging

I run a grocery store. Which coffee bags bulk should I choose?

We recommend that you choose the gusset coffee bags bulk because they can stand on your shelf. Flat-bottomed coffee bags bulk is another good choice. We don’t recommend a stand-up pouch because it takes up more space.

If I am wholesale coffee bags with valve, what resealing options can you offer?

Congratulations, we have bulk coffee bags wholesale service. You can add a tin tie on the front or back of the bag. A better option is to zip your coffee bag.

Which one is more suitable for 16 or 12 oz coffee bags wholesale?

According to our experience, 12 oz coffee bags wholesale is the most popular among customers. It has all the functions and is small and exquisite. And it is the best choice for personalized coffee bean bags wholesale.

What are the advantages of flat bottom coffee bags bulk?

A flat bottom pouch is a unique form of personalized coffee bean bags wholesale. Its structure makes it easier to fill the bag with your coffee. Like the standing pouch, it is an ideal choice for your wholesale coffee packaging.

Does your coffee bean bags wholesale include all bag types?

Yes, our personalized coffee bean bags wholesale service provides all the bag types you want. And you will get a big discount on Hibags wholesale coffee packaging.

I can put a label directly on my coffee bag. Why do I need custom coffee bean bags wholesale?

There are three reasons that you should custom coffee bean bags wholesale:

  • 1. Appearance: The outer packaging of the coffee bag is your first impression of the consumer. The label can easily become distorted on the bag. If you use custom coffee bean bags wholesale, your coffee will become unique. You beat other competitors in the first step.
  • 2. Space: We usually use wholesale coffee packaging to convey product information and promote our brand. But the label cannot do this. Hibags’s bulk coffee bags wholesale service gives you enough space to display your imagination on the bags. In other words, you can design more content you want.
  • 3. Lower cost: Labeling coffee bags takes time and labor. And you may not get the desired result. You don’t need to worry about if you choose coffee bags bulk service. You don’t need to spend energy, just put your coffee beans in a customized bag, and you can start selling. Therefore, coffee bags bulk solution means less time and more sales.