Customization Process

01Get a price quote.

Tell us about the bag you’re interested in (size, material, features, quantity), and we’ll give you an instant quote with estimated pricing. Fast, free, and easy. Start your quote now.

02Start a project.

When you’re ready to kick things off, Please email us to create a project and tell us your needs, and start building your custom bag project. We’ll walk you through it, step by step.Create a project.

03Submit artwork.

Download the template for your bag and send us your artwork. Our pre-press team will review it and verify it’s ready to go. This part’s pretty important.

04Get a free proof.

You always get a free digital proof, but you can also request a free flat press proof to check artwork and colors. For $250 we’ll even created a converted sample bag proof for you.

05Approve your proof and submit an order.

Once you’ve approved your proof, decide on how many bags you want and submit your order. We’ll save your bag project for easy future reorders.

06Await delivery.

This might be the hardest part, but, once your bags arrive, you can get to filling them and making your brand shine on the shelves. We hope you love how they make your product look.


We are making our greatest efforts to offer you the quality made products at good price. We’d like to cooperate with you to expand our business in your markets.If in doubt, please see the following FAQs

Q: Can our products be customized?
Q: Can our products be customized?
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Q: What are the products of our company?