Stand Up Pouch Manufacturer

We are a professional stand up pouch manufacturer in China. With the food-grade and non-toxic material, stand up pouch has become popular in the flexible packaging industry. Stand up pouch bags can create a dry environment which will help you store discrete and hygroscopic products such as coffee beans, candies, and cigarettes. Generally, a stand up pouch was designed with different sealing, which will make it easier for you to use the products again. If you are looking for standing pouch suppliers, we will be your best choice.

Custom stand up pouch supplier

Being a professional large-scale stand up pouch manufacturer, Hibags provides customers with stand-up pouches wholesale services to assist you design own food packaging . We use non-toxic and harmless advanced flexible packaging materials to manufacture the environmental friendly standing pouch. The stand up bags we offer come in various types: k seal pouch, stand up zipper pouch, spout pouch, kraft standing pouch, resealable pouches, and plastic zipper pouch. As a considerate stand up pouch supplier, We also offer standing pouch customization service. You could custom the size, color and shape of stand-up pouch packaging as your practical needs. Moreover, the following services are also within our range of ability: standing pouch printing service, stand-up pouches wholesale service, and standing pouch price consultation service.

stand up pouch

Coffee stand up pouch manufacturer

Standing Pouch With Window is the most commonly-used pouch bag across the market that can be displayed on flat surfaces like shelves, cupboards, or pantries. The biggest feature of the standing pouch falls on the fully transparent rectangle window that can display the goods contained in it.

You can view the products from the bag window and determine whether to make purchases or not. Moreover, stand up pouch manufacturer design them with adequate space to keep products from damaging moisture and mildew. The back and front panels of the standing pouch can be written on to. 

stand up pouch

Custom stand up pouch supplier

Custom printed stand-up pouches satisfies customers' unique and special requirements at an affordable price. With our custom printed stand-up pouches service, you can design your own pattern or print your logo on the pouch.

As a professional stand up pouch manufacturer, our advanced printing technology will help you create a clear, colorful, durable outlook. Our custom printed stand-up pouches wholesale service also provides a satisfying discount for customers who ordered an amount of bags. We will ensure the safety and quality of products during the delivery.

stand up pouch

Logo doypack manufacturers

Pouch design is involved in professional stand up pouch manufacturer. With this special service, you will have your own stand up pouch design. Different materials, colors, and pouch designs for customers to select. We have more flexible and selective combinations, such as k seal pouch.

We have advanced stand-up pouches printing technology, ensuring that your logo or bag design is clear, elegant, and durable. Now, our custom stand-up pouches wholesale service provides a satisfying discount for those customers who placed the amount of stand up pouches. 

Printed stand up pouch supplier

Excellent standing pouch suppliers put customers's needs first. Our printed stand-up pouches provide some beautiful stand up pouch templates for customers. All printed stand-up pouches are made of non-toxic materials and printed by advanced printing technology. 

Our pouches design involves k seal pouch, pouches with different colors, and transparent pouches. Now we have a printed stand-up pouches wholesale service that will provide a huge discount for those customers who placed a huge order. Besides, our high-quality and on-time delivery will ensure the safety and quality of products during the delivery.


Clear stand up pouch manufacturer

As one of the leading doypack manufacturers, we supply clear standing pouch to present the product directly and clearly. It is convenient for customers to view the products and determine whether to make purchases or not. Besides that, it sports two small tear designs on both sides and a resealable zipper, both of them are convenient and fast to open.

The thickened bottom design and the application of oil pressure edge sealing technology make such a clear standing pouch packaging with zipper stand better to a limited extent. Now we provide stand-up pouches wholesale service for customers. 

Black standing pouch manufacturers

Choosing the right standy pouch manufacturer is the first step to make your business successful. The black stand-up pouch packaging is composed of water-repellent material. Moreover, it is lined with a heat-sealable poly material that prevents air leakage.

And with that, a standing pouch boasts two small tear designs on both sides and a recloseable zipper, which are convenient, fast, and easy to open. The thickened bottom design makes it stand better to a limited extent. Now our stand-up pouches wholesale service provides a discount for those customers with high-quality products, satisfying discounts, and on-time delivery.

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Aluminum foil stand up pouch supplier

Hibags is a trusted stand up pouch manufacturer, our aluminum foil standing pouch is made of non-toxic and food-stuff materials. It has excellent air-tightness and water & leakage proof.


Top U-Notch: If you need the goods to be stored unaffected by the influence of exterior conditions, you can use your heat sealer to seal with this U-notch; Self-Sealing Zipper: This standing pouch is designed with the self-sealing zipper, which is convenient for you to seal the bags and can be used repeatedly. It is suitable to pack coffee, tea, snack, powder, juice, nuts, etc.

white stand up bags

Waterproof standing pouch manufacturers

Featuring a robust waterproof performance, the white stand up bags find a wide range of applications in the packaging industry. It is also resistant to moisture, mildew, and vapor. And the stand up pouch manufacturer generally provides various sizes, colors, and shapes to choose.

Moreover, it is lined with a heat-sealable poly material that prevents air leakage. On both sides of the pouch, there are two small tear designs and a recloseable zipper. These designs simplify the usage process. Its thickened bottom design helps it better stand to a large extent. They are suitable for packing and storing coffee, tea, snack, powder, etc.

Matte stand up pouch manufacturer

The white matte standing pouch is simple in appearance and powerful in performance. It leaves great impressions on many customers for their business. Stand up pouch manufacturer also favors them. It's high quality can protect products from the damage of moisture, water, and mildew. Its blank panel can be written on to with logo, advertisements.


A gusseted bottom base that allows it to stand up on the shelf; A resealable press-close strip, which avoids spills and preserves freshness; The unique tear-off notches make it easy to open without scissors.

Eco-Friendly stand up pouch

Eco-Friendly standy pouch manufacturer

All these pouches can mean different things: Eco-Friendly. There are no one-size-fits-all materials. We need to know your details (what packaging, dry, liquid or powder, moisture sensitive, caustic, and so on). We can help you to understand your options.

NOTE: PLEASE, more than ever, it is important to understand what you are packaging and your project. We cannot give you the best options or guarantee that these materials will work for your application if we don't have all of your information. This is a crucial step that you should not skip! We will send you samples to help you test your product.

How Stand Up Pouch Boost Your Business?

Why should we invest in a standing pouch business? That's because they are profitable, whether for standing pouch manufacturers or stand up pouch suppliers. 

#1: For standing pouch manufacturers or stand up pouch suppliers: 

The commodities storage affair follows the production process. Unlike the bottles, jars, and cans that occupy many areas on trucks and in warehouses, the pouch packaging takes up much less room. When the stand-up pouches are in vacuum condition, they are lightweight and hardly take up any area. Once the stand-up bags are no longer flat and filled with air, they still hold little space as only the bottom takes up space. We can easily arrange them in bunches to befit any box, show surface, and stockroom. Besides the flexible storage methods, the roll form of stand-up bags can also help save on logistics costs.

#2: For Standing Pouch Retailers:

As stand-up pouch packaging flow to the market can benefit some retailers. Such flexible packaging hits the shelf. It will be widely popular with the customers. 

  • For one, it is because the stand-up pouches wholesale sports the flat panel at front and back, which is ideally ideal for explaining what's inside. Apart from that, such flexible packaging has plenty of blank to print advertising, labels, and business logo.
  • On the other hand, the standing pouch can be displayed in multiple ways. This kind of flexible packaging can stand alone on flat shelves or can be hung. If the shelf is of high height, so much the better. The less pouch weight, the more product can be hung.