Multiple Uses of Stand Up Pouches

Packaging makes your life go round! Do you think that’s an overstatement? Imagine whether your life can not be separable with the packagings? The answer is NO! Moreover, with the rapid economic growth, manufacturers vie for bringing new types of packagings to the market, such as the stand up pouches, exactly our topic today. in daily life, stand up pouches represent a flexible packaging choice, which is applicable for both food and non-food product packaging. Stand up pouches come into various types, such as stand up barrier pouches, kraft stand up pouches, stand up pouch with spout. And then let us together have a look at its multiple usages. Maybe, you will find a brand new way of usage with surprise.

Stand Up Pouches Usage for Ready to Eat Food

Baby Food

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When you go out with your baby, stand up pouch with spout is definitely a wise choice to feed your baby. It is one of the types of stand up pouches. Spout of such stand up bag is useful to appease your baby when they are in bad temper. Stand up pouch with spout features a non-toxic spout making from soft material. Therefore, you can boldly turn to use it.

Snack Food

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The snack stuff we eat daily needs to be put in a light packaging design. For better holding experience, the kraft stand up pouches can be said a relatively good choice. Because the kraft stand up pouches are spartan and light. From the perspective of retailers, The vertical placement of the stand up bag will be conducive to attract a lot of potential customers. Moreover, the stand up bag can be printed with an exclusive logo, advertisements. That is what we said the stand up pouch printing service.

Tea and Coffee

If you want to keep the aroma of your coffee, the stand up pouch bags are definitely a good choice. The stand up pouch bags have multiple layers of barrier film that serve to protect your product. Moreover, such stand up bag can free the stuff inside from moisture, UV rays, and dust. The superior quality of stand up bag ensures that they are not going to be punctured or leaked easily.

Soups and Pastes

It is common that there is some leftovers after meals, such as soups and pastas. Some of them are deserved to cache in the refrigerators. And then the question comes, which type of stand up pouch bags should you choose? I reckon that leftovers are easy to become stale, hence they should not be exposed to external factors. Because elements like oxygen will degrade food quality and make them turn bad quickly.

Stand Up Pouch with Spout: When using such a stand up bag, you may better resort to the help of a funnel. A funnel can easily pour the sauce, pastes directly into the stand up pouch with spout. And then you can put it to the refrigerators for freshness reserve.

Kraft Stand Up Pouch: Some kraft stand up pouch is lined with laminated foil. It can also apply to store the leftovers. Such stand up bag usually is not equipped with a zip. But just a clip can close it with ease!

Stand Up Pouches Usage for Non-Ready to Eat Food

Pharmaceutical Storage

If there is a need to store pharmaceutical drugs, you should especially custom stand up pouches. Because drugs should eschew from water and vapor to avoid the possibility of getting mold. Besides, the material of a stand up bag should not react with the medicines so as not to destroy the activity of drugs. The stand up bag can preserve the medicinal properties of the drugs at a given temperature condition. Generally, the stand up bag is applicable to pack for powders, liquids, tablets, capsules, pills, gels, etc.

Seasoning Storage

The seasoning is indispensable items when cooking. Meals without the seasoning would be untasteful and boring. All good meals need multiple of different spices. The ordinary plastic box is difficult to preserve the freshness of spices. Because these plastic boxes are airy and exposed easily to oxygen, vapor. Consequently, the spices are easily subject to vapor so as to lose their favor. And even they will become unhygienic and inedible. However, the small stand up pouches can tackle with all concerns, you could choose a transparent stand up pouches. Such stand up pouches are not only convenient to check the content but also fetch item.

Frozen Food

Frozen food is covered by a thick layer of ice which preserves the freshness of food and deters the growth of bacteria. But when storing such food, difficulty appears. Because the ordinary plastic bags are easily punctured and difficult to carry weight goods. In this case, the stand up pouch bags are the best packaging design. The stand up pouch bags can serve as a barrier for frozen food against oxygen, water, mold, and bacteria. Moreover, the stand up pouch bags help maintain beneficiary elements amount, tasty, and texture of the contents.

Oil and Grease

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If you are engaged in the oils and grease business, it is unavoidable to get dirty. Because the oil and grease are easy to topple and flow out everywhere. The ordinary containers are difficult to preserve and fetch them. Because the amount of taking out is uncontrollable. Moreover, some containers, like small oil barrel are not totally airtight. This shortcoming will let external adverse elements enter, so as to severely compromise the oil or grease quality.

If you want to store the oil in a large amount, you could resort to the large oil barrel with a layer of aluminum foil covered above. If you want to store the small amount of oil, a stand up pouch with spout can be said a better alternative to a large oil barrel. With an easy to pour notch, the stand up pouch with spout can easily transfer goods as may be needed, without causing any mess.


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