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Namkeen pouch design should be very attractive, and the manufacture of namkeen pouch packing material should have airtight solid strength. Hibags has rich industry experience as namkeen pouch manufacturers. Namkeen packing polythene is a commonly used material in production, and it can maintain the taste and flavor of namkeen even for a long time. We also meet the printing needs of the namkeen pouch designs and colors to choose from according to their specific requirements.

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The professional namkeen pouch production team

Our skilled and professional team uses the latest machinery and technology to manufacture and supply namkeen packing pouches in various sizes and colors. There is a high demand for a namkeen pouch and kurkure pouch in the market. To win the fierce competition, it is necessary to use good namkeen pouch packing material, high protection, and attractive namkeen packing pouch price. Hibags’ expert team ensures quality by adequately testing the products before delivery and protects namkeen and the long-term storage of snacks.

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Innovative namkeen pouch

As namkeen pouch manufacturers, we strive to help our customers build a new brand in the market and provide existing brands with new, unique, and different attractive namkeen pouch appearances. Our namkeen packaging pouch supplier department promises to deliver on time and let the product reach the consumer terminal safely.

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Automatic Namkeen Packing Machine Price

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Namkeen Packing Pouch

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Kurkure Pouch

We bring forth for our clients a wide range of Namkeen Packaging Pouches that is manufactured using high grade HDPE material by our professionals in compliance with international standards. Available in various lengths, thicknesses and colors to fulfill the wide demands of clients, this Namkeen Packing Pouch is highly demanded in the confectionery industry. This pouch is offered at industry leading price to the valuable clients.


The nut bags we produce are lined with aluminum foil film to ensure the bag is well sealed.

As long as you make your nut products, you can make snack nut bags according to your requirements.

We make bags using seven layers of co-extruded thermoformed film and lidding film to provide you with high-quality snack nut bags.

You tell us your packaging requirements, and our designers will design exclusive nut bags for you. If there is a product packaging design, we can directly produce it according to your packaging design. We can provide you with a one-stop printing service if you need it.

Yes, our factory producing nut bags has always been committed to the scientific concept of environmentally friendly and healthy food and the environment. If you need it, we will provide you with recyclable nut bags.

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