Key Considerations of the Design of Baby Food Pouches

Baby food pouches, as one type of food packaging, were designed for babies and infants. With the growing urbanization, more and more parents have not enough time to prepare lovely food for their babies. This phenomenon has become driving for advanced baby food packaging. Nowadays, as the increase of using packaged baby food, the Asia-Pacific area has become a significant market for baby food packaging. And the market value of global baby food packaging will reach 81.83 billion dollars in the year 2020.

Baby food pouches, as one type of food packaging, were designed for babies and infants. It has many advantages to packaging baby food.

  • Light weight
  • High preserving property
  • Flexible packaging for convenient using
  • Easy to squeeze, cut waste.

While, as it serving for the important group in the human world, there could have disputations of baby food pouches in society. Which are the key considerations for baby food packaging manufacturers, and how to design the right baby food pouches? Read this article, you will find the answer.


As food packaging manufacturers, it is critical to ensure that the material of packaged food is safe and hygienic. Especially for baby food packaging, as the delicateness of babies, the baby food packaging should be made from non-toxic and food-grade materials which were approved by the FDA.

Non-toxic and Chemically Inert

Baby food packaging material should be non-toxic and chemically inert.

Non-toxic material ensures the safe of preserving products inside, and the chemically inert material has less react with packaged foods inside.

Baby food packaging should be BPA free, which is toxic and known to damage health on humans. The common baby food packaging material is polypropylene or PET.

Barrier Properties

Materials with good barrier properties can protect the packaged baby food from external elements, create a safe preserving environment, and ensure the safe and fresh for long.

Most baby food pouches have multiple layers of film lining. This arrangement will provide well durable protection for packaged baby food, and avoid spoiled of the packaged food inside.


Baby food packaging manufacturers also should consider the environmental effect. Using recyclable materials is a kind choice for environmental protection.

There are some recyclable materials, such as recyclable plastic polymers, paper packaging, cardboard, etc.


Target customers of baby food pouches are parents. Therefore, except a fancy look design, baby food pouches should be designed to attract parents, get their trust, enhance their buying confidence. Some factors should be consider when manufacturers design a type of baby food pouches.


The transparency has become the popular design of baby food packaging. With the transparent part, parents can verify the product before buying it. And baby food manufacturers also benefit from this kind of design, because the visible transparent parts or pouches establish the trustworthiness with parents and ensure that there is no secret for their customers.


The convenient design of baby food packaging aims to easily use in daily for the parents. Modern parents are still finding a convenient feature that can easily feed their babies. Therefore, designing a ziplock to help parents open conveniently and increase the functionality can attractive the parents.

Clear and Honest Labeling

Your baby food packaging should illustrate clearly how to use, and what the parents feed their babies. The ingredients of the pouches and food should both mentioned on the packaging. Your pouches should also print relevant certification of baby food, such as USDA approvals, which can help you enhance the buying confidence of parents.

Less Wastage

Some baby food packaging was designed for less wastage, your products should also have this function. An excellent squeeze rate will result in less wastage of the packaged food. Most baby food pouches were designed to ensure minimal wastage. And this kind of design can also attract parents and enhance their buying confidence.

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