Spout Pouch

With the advanced flexible packaging materials, spout pouch has become a popular choice for packaging manufacturers. So, It has a wide range of utilization. Usually, it is used in liquid products packaging. Not only that, drink pouch is a common pouch bag in the food packaging industry. The unique design of spout is convenient to use it and store the remainder.

About the quality of spout pouches, you need not worry! Hibags, as one of the best stand up spout pouch manufacturers, uses the food grade stand up pouch made materials to promise safe manufacture. Meanwhile, we also offer excellent one-stop wholesale and custom spout pouches services. You will wholesale liquid pouches from Hibags at a lower price and get the best source of goods.

Compared with rigid container packaging, the liquid pouches takes up less space and is lighter in weight. Therefore, it saves more cost. And if you buy spout pouches wholesale.Hibags will give you a very favorable ex-factory price to get high quality supply. Since we choose high quality spout pouch making materials, it is easy to print and custom print . So, we are for the company provides you with various types of custom templete solutions. If you need wholesale spout pouches, please contact us immediately and we will complete your order as soon as possible. We give you the highest level of customer service to keep you satisfied.

Baby Food Pouches

Wholesale Liquid pouches

Our stand up spout pouch manufacturers is mainly engaged in the wholesale liquid pouches business. We will listen to your needs and make innovative spout pouches. Also, you can do custom spout pouches at Hibags. Of course, we will also provide you with custom templates for the stand up pouches. At the same time, you can choose different color sizes and themes. Make it quicker and easier for you to wholesale liquid pouches. For example, your packaged food needs easy pouring handles and modern shapes to personalize your products. We can excellently design and wholesale produce spout pouches with your logo, so your wholesale liquid pouches can represent your food packaging more accurately. 

creative drink packaging

Drink Pouches Wholesale

Flexible packaging is becoming more and more popular. Spout straps are also one of them. So spout pouch suppliers also started this business. But now, most food manufacturers maintain long-term cooperation with Hibags. Why? The reason is simple. We were able to start from scratch Tail safely produce the spout bags you need without outsourcing essential stages of your project, such as drink pouches wholesale. We can deliver your drink pouches wholesale with shorter lead times while having complete control of your bags throughout the process the quality. At the same time, our drink pouches wholesale have the characteristics of anti-cracking and explosion-proof. And the sealing performance of the spout pouch is also good.

Spout Bags Wholesale

Due to flexible packaging materials' eco-friendly and recyclable nature, increasing spout pouch suppliers want to manufacture spouted pouches. First of all, spout pouches are the most widely used in food packaging. Hibags use food-grade spout pouches materials made. Therefore, it has become an excellent choice for the packaging of many baby food products. Secondly, spout pouches are not only used in food packaging. Spout pouches are widely applied to our daily necessities, such as toiletries, laundry detergent, body wash, etc. In particular, products packaged in spout bags, after being placed on the shelf, will make your products Attract more consumers' attention. As a result, many products limited to rigid packaging have now become flexible packaging.