Top 5 Stand up Spout Pouch Manufacturers

It is not easy to package liquids and beverages. Liquid products packaging has a lot of requests, such as easy to store and access while maintaining its quality. However, the latest food packaging type, the spout pouch, meets all of these requirements. The unique spout pouch allows for flexible filling and seals through the spout. Meanwhile, many food industries widely use spout pouches. Because they can easily operate, spout pouches are more versatile than other food packaging options. Suppose you need the spout pouch. There are learn about five stand up pouch with spout manufacturers in brief.


Hibags is one of the stand up spout pouch manufacturers. Hibags mainly specialize in stand up pouch manufacturing. In the same vein, Hibags is a large-scale, professional food package bags manufacturer, whose industry has more than 300 employees. The efficient management ensures high-quality food packaging produced and excellent services.
It does not like other food packaging manufacturers.That is to say, Hibags only manufacture stand up pouches for packaging food. So, It uses food grade stand up pouch

with spout manufacturers material. You can be reliable to wholesale and use. Not only that, for Hibags, getting your recognition is a goal. Hibags look forward to cooperating with you again.
stand up pouch with spout


We also provide low-cost, high-quality custom printed food packaging bags for food and non-food industries.
Hibags is committed to providing our clients with the best one-stop stand-up pouches wholesale service.
Hibags only use food grade stand up pouch with spout manufacturers material for the spout pouch.



PBFY is one of the stand up spout pouch manufacturers. It mainly specializes in stand up pouch with spout manufacturers. However, PBFY also offers flexible packaging manufacturing and distribution. Many options are available: flat and stand up pouches, side bags, sealers, vacuum packing, bag clips, hot stamping, labeling, and digital printing services. Tin tie application is also possible. This manufacturer of food packaging offers high-quality foil and paper.
Due to standing up spout pouch is widely applied for children’s food, like vegetable puree and fruit juice. Stand up spout pouch manufacturers choose spouts that allow liquid to flow freely and prevent fluid from leaking during use. They have worked with many industries, including health and beauty and coffee and tea.


PBFY tries to find the right balance between work and family, knowing that family is our most important.
We believe wholeheartedly in our company, its objectives, goals, and mission. They are our passion, and we will continue to pursue them. We believe in one another and care for, support, and protect each other.
Our employees constantly keep growing by being open to learning.
We are open to accepting our team and individual responsibilities, keeping our promises.
Respect others, be polite, discuss, disagree, and commit. Do your best to make others around you happier.
We strive to be the industry’s leader in new products and services.
Ask your customers continuously what they want and how you are doing.


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3.North Atlantic Specialty Bag

North Atlantic Specialty Bag mainly specializes in stand up pouch with spout manufacturers. In the same vein, they also offer pouch printing and stock bags. One of the most popular food packaging types is the spout pouch, which is used to fill likely liquid. Usually, people also describe the spout pouch or stand up spout pouch as flexible packaging. North Atlantic Specialty Bag is one of the stand up spout pouch manufacturers. Spout pouch can be customized easily and are versatile. However, these spout pouches are an environmentally-friendly and economical alternative to plastic bottles, plastic tubs, and tins.
Food packaging with a spout is a great way to make a difference. You can use spout pouches to make cocktails, baby food and energy drinks, and clean petrol stations. Some baby food and cooking oil on the market also use a spout pouch. Is this real? No doubt. Spout pouch can provide your customers with better service and save you money.


North Atlantic Specialty Bag strives to increase the number of spout pouches constantly. We offer our customers innovative ideas for their custom stand up pouch.


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Tenka is one of the stand up spout pouch manufacturers. Tenka mainly specializes in stand up pouch with spout manufacturers. In the same vein, they offer many items, including adhesives, amber, antirust and antistatic, bags, bandages, barriers, etc. The company also offers to stand up pouches with metalized zippers.
When moving, customers can easily access the spout pouch’s liquid via a spout. And the spout pouch is leak-proof and puncture-resistant. Manufacturers of liquid products have many concerns. They want to ensure their products’ safe transit to retailers and consumers. They have a unique aesthetic that other packaging bags is unmatched. You can customize the spout pouch with the requirement.


Tenka Pack has the expertise in food packaging and Rotogravure Printing to ensure that your printed project is completed professionally.
Our reliable service allows clients to save time and maximize their business efficiency.


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5.Packaging For Less

Packaging For Less is one of the stand up spout pouch manufacturers. Packaging For Less mainly specializes in stand up pouch with spout manufacturers. In the same vein, they offer a variety of food packaging options to suit your packaging needs. Therefore, your liquid product will have a more significant shelf impact with the personalized spout pouch. After that, using eco-friendly materials makes the spout pouch, it makes your product stand out against the flexible packaging on the shelf. This benefit gives you a competitive edge. So. wholesale liquid pouches are a profitable business.
Spout pouches have a lower cost than traditional food packaging options. As a result, the stand up spout pouch manufacturers realized spout pouches benefit from cost savings, especially when it comes to liquid packaging. Therefore, you can find that spout pouches can almost package any liquid product on your retail shelves. The brand of every liquid product is switching from rigid plastic containers and moving to spout pouches for packaging.
Baby food pouch


We strive to provide a wide range of quality products at affordable prices to you and your company every day.
Your shopping experience doesn’t end with your first order.
We are committed to serving the community by sponsoring local activities, teaming with our neighbors, and celebrating small business stories.


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Spout pouch costs less than jugs, bottles, or cans. Meanwhile, many international food packaging suppliers cannot deliver food products at reasonable prices due to high costs. At the same time, you might not be ready to develop the latest food packaging type right out of the gate. But don’t worry! Hibags can offer spout pouches to you. We at Hibags specialize in custom/wholesale food packaging bags. We have advanced stand up pouch making machines to meet the changing needs of every food industry. If you want to learn more about our range of food packaging bags, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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