Advantages of bakery bags

Bakery bags with window

The most important thing is that bakery bags with windows are also packaging bags that we often see in our daily lives. However, it feels fresh and is natural, more attractive. Meanwhile, it is generally believed that products packaged in bakery bags with window look more reliable, which may be because brown bakery bags with window are often used for packaging fresh food, which is reminiscent of freshness. At the same time, the styles of bakery bags with window are diverse, each sort of snack or brand is different, and its packaging bag styles are different. So, you can use it with confidence.

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Kraft bakery paper bags

The use of kraft paper to make kraft bakery paper bags have become more and more widely used. However, kraft bakery paper bags are non-toxic, odorless, non-polluting, and comply with national environmental protection standards. At the same time, kraft bakery paper bags have high strength and high environmental protection and are currently one of the most popular environmentally friendly packaging materials in the world. When shopping in supermarkets, malls, shoe stores, clothing stores, etc. Meanwhile, kraft paper bags are generally available to facilitate customers carrying the purchased items.

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Bakery pretzel bags

Bakery pretzel bags are made of base material into cylindrical bags. At the same time, bakery pretzel bags are manufactured by machine flat-cut ports. However, it is automatic or semi-automatic feeding from the opening at the top of the bakery pretzel bags. Therefore, after the filling is completed, the sealing bag filling machine is directly sealed with stitches and stickers. Therefore, as a professional bakery bread bags manufacturer, Hibags produces every bakery bag. With innovative technology and inspection processes, pretzel bags, from high-quality production on intelligent production lines to intelligent automatic sorting, ensure that every Bakery pretzel bag is of the highest quality.

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Custom printed bakery bags.

Generally, manufacturers who can make bakery bags can make custom printed bakery bags. However, customizing printed bakery bags is the same as general products such as clothes and other daily necessities. Therefore, while customizing custom printed bakery bags, we need to communicate with customers about what kind of materials are used, the required size, whether printing patterns and patterns are required, etc. Of course, the production process also requires time constraints. So, different plastic bags have other customization times and distinct quality in many custom printed bakery bag manufacturers.

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Packaging has a wide range of uses. However, people can use bakery bags for various small items’ inner and outer packaging. Meanwhile, bakery bags produced with food-grade raw materials can store all kinds of small food, tea, seafood, etc. Therefore, moisture-proof, waterproof, insect-proof, and prevent things from falling. At the same time, you can also use bakery bags for clothing and other daily necessities. 

Different types of Bakery bags have other printing methods. The gravure printing process of transparent plastic films used in color printing Bakery bags and non-woven bags with lamination is as follows:

1.Overall analysis.

The place where the colored pictures and texts are to be marked with a white background. However, we can achieve the white color of bakery bags through a white background, and the color needs to be hollowed out. Printing with a spot color can make the process simpler. If the text and lines in the picture and text are more significant, the number of network lines can be lower.

2.Make and color-separate plate-making before printing.

Color-separation plate-making requires a white version used as a base and a corresponding color version. We usually finish this work in an electronic engraving system, or it can be designed in a prepress design system and then engraved directly on the electronic engraving machine. Specific operation method:

3.Make a pattern of a single Bakery bag.

First, you enter text in the software according to the size of each element, and draw color blocks and lines. Set the corresponding color. After making it, check the size, position, and text to ensure there are no errors, and then proceed to the work of imposition.

Thirdly, considering the bag’s width and the plastic film’s width, calculate we also think about how many bags can be printed in the width direction, according to the diameter of the plate cylinder. Note that the width of the sticky edge is left between the bag and the bag.

Next, engraving and plates were made on the electronic engraving machine. Meanwhile, get the metal version ready. 

4.Start printing.

Printing is carried out on a unit-type plastic film printing machine, and the specific steps are plate loading, squeegee setting, ink preparation, roll-up, ink testing, adjustment, and traditional printing.


It is carried out on a dedicated laminating machine.

6.Making a bag is bonding.

Where two layers of film are bonded to form Bakery bags with three-sided closures and cut into individual bags.

The printing process of Bakery bags seems simple, but the manufacturer’s production technology is considered very much. The quality of Bakery bags is reflected in itself and the quality of printing.

In our daily lives, bakery bags seem to be an indispensable part of our lives. Although there are also paper bags and cloth bags, the number of bakery bags used is still huge. Because bakery bags are low-cost and easy to carry, they are also widely used. Different industries don’t want to use bakery bags either. Some use fewer bakery bags, and you can buy general-purpose bakery bags, while others use a vast amount. At this time, businesses will consider custom bakery bags. 

Bakery bags are more environmentally friendly because bakery bags are used in enormous amounts. A lot of white garbage pollutes our living environment and leaves hidden dangers to future generations. Now is the era of environmental protection for the whole people.


You should note the following details well:

1.Clarify the purpose of your custom bakery bags.

Use customized bakery bags is to strengthen your branding and lets more people know your brand. Therefore, it is necessary to design the printed pattern.

2.Select custom manufacturers.

It is best to choose some manufacturers that rank at the front in the industry. Be sure to look at the manufacturer’s qualifications, and you can’t select a manufacturer at will to customize.

3.To understand the raw materials used by the manufacturer.

Custom bakery bags represent the image of the company everywhere. If the quality of bakery bags is not good or the materials are environmentally friendly, the company’s image in people’s minds will be greatly reduced. Therefore, be sure to understand the raw materials and confirm that the manufacturer uses Eco-friendly raw materials worth making.

As long as the above three details are done well, the customized bakery bags will be liked by consumers, and at the same time, they will also do the best promotion of their brand.


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