Custom coffee bags wholesale service

Hibags provides customers with a coffee bags wholesale service to design your personalized coffee bean bags. We use non-toxic and harmless advanced flexible packaging materials to provide customers with environmental friendly coffee packaging bags.
We produce reusable coffee packaging bags and resealable packaging coffee bags. We have coffee bags with a valve or coffee bags window for customers. Coffee bags with a valve can keep the bag ventilated to make the storage more dry, and coffee bags with a window provide a clear idea for customers about the products inside.
We provide custom coffee bags service with customized size, color and shape. That means, we can help you design your own personalized coffee bean bags as the practical needs. We also provide product logo printing service, bulk coffee bags wholesale service, and the printed coffee bags will help you enhance your brand influence.
Besides, if you are looking for the wholesale coffee bags supplier, please readily reach us. We have various sizes of coffee bags for sale in stock.
Types of coffee bags you can wholesale

There are many kinds of coffee packaging and various materials. Because coffee naturally produces carbon dioxide after roasting, direct packaging is easy to cause package damage, and long-term exposure to the air will cause aroma loss, and lead to the oxidation of oil and aromatic components in coffee, and the quality of finished products will be reduced. Therefore, the packaging of coffee is particularly important.

Coffee bags are generally divided into:

 Flexible non airtight packaging: This is the most economical package. It’s usually used by small local bakeries because they guarantee fast delivery. Coffee beans can be consumed in time. Coffee beans in this way can only be stored for a short time.

Airtight packing: after filling the coffee, vacuum and seal it. Due to the formation of carbon dioxide during the roasting process, the packaging can only be packaged after the coffee is degassed for a period of time, so there is a storage interval of several days. Coffee beans are kept longer than coffee powder. The cost is low because it is not separated from air during storage. Coffee in this way should be used up in 10 weeks.

One way exhaust valve packaging: roasted coffee is placed in a special one-way exhaust valve. This vent valve allows gas to go out, but not in. There is no need for separate storage stage, but the fragrance will be slightly lost due to the out gassing process. It avoids the formation of rotten flavor, but it can’t stop the loss of aroma.

Pressure packing: This is the most expensive way, but it can keep coffee for two years. After a few minutes of roasting, the coffee can be vacuum packed. After adding some inert gas, keep the proper pressure in the package. The coffee beans are preserved under pressure, making the aroma flow on the fat, thus improving the flavor of the beverage.

Several Features

  • Tin Tie

These sticky tin strips make it easy to open and close the package, and the adhesive on the tin strip is strong enough to help keep the coffee beans fresh, saving time and trouble.

  • Self-sealing zipper

The sealing groove adopts unique concave and convex technology, the bite is tight, the zipper can be repeatedly opened, the sealing is strong, and the full bag state will not automatically open due to the product extrusion.

  • One-way valve

The one-way venting valve is designed to allow air pressure to escape from the interior of the package while preventing air from entering.

Since the freshly roasted coffee beans release carbon dioxide, the one-way venting valve allows the roaster to immediately package its product without fear of bursting the coffee bag.

  • Aluminum inside

Aluminum has anti – light and anti – moisture effect, more conducive to coffee storage, it can metal design, makes design printing more vividly.

  • Flat Bottom Coffee Pouches

It is a common bag type on the market and high-end packaging for coffee bean or powder. It combined with the features of stand up pouch standing and side gusset bag large capacity, makes it a perfect box shape. When it is displayed on the shelf, the three -dimensional shape can enhance the brand, The flat bottom pouches has a variety of ways to be sealed, such as Tin tie, normal zipper, E-tear zipper. They make the bag re-closable.

korean kimchi packging
  • Easy tear

Easy to tear port design, easy to open; use mechanical principle to facilitate opening; The bag is strong and the top of the tear can be re- sealed with a sealing machine.

Types of bags

  • Side gusset Coffee bags

Side gusset bag also has a three -dimensional shape with side gusset after it is filled with coffee, and it can package different capacity of coffee bean or powder, small or large capacity It includes different types such four side sealed and back sealed side gusset bag. Side gusset bag also has the advantages of strong sealing and high barrier, usually customer like to heat seal or use bag clip and Tin Tie to make the bags re-closable.

black stand up pouch with window
  • Stand Up Coffee Pouches

When displayed on the shelf, it has the strong stability due to the round bottom. We can design the transparent windows then the customers could clearly see the products in the package. We also set the pressing zipper which can make the bags re-closable

  • Three Side Seal Coffee Bags

Three side seal bags usually packages coffee powder or drip coffee with small capacity, and using the side gusset bag as an outer bag to pack multiple small bags inside. It also can be made by roll film when fling with coffee by roll film packaging machine.

Does hibags provide coffee bag design templates?

As a professor of coffee bags, Hibags provides every template of new coffee bag design for their customers. With the coffee bag templates, you will have a clear idea about the detail of what the products will be and the innovation of the coffee bag design. With the coffee bags wholesale service, you will have a discount, buy a lot of bags with lower prices.

What should you consider when you got a coffee bag design template?

  1. You should pay attention to the structure of coffee bag design. If you are working in the coffee packaging industry, you maybe familiar with the types of coffee bags. Flat bottom pouch, Fin-seal gusseted pouch, Stand up pouch are the common coffee bag structure design, while kraft paper, foil and food-grade plastic are the materials suite for coffee bean store. Every kind of coffee bag design has it own advantage, you should pay attention to the coffee bag design template in the aspect of coffee bag structure.
  2. You should consider the design of patterns printed on the coffee bags. Most of coffee bag manufacturers provide custom printed coffee bag wholesale service. Customer can design their own personalized coffee bag look. Patterns and colors. While when you got coffee bag design templates, you should check out whether the patterns and colors completely fit with the coffee bag design.
  3. What kind of materials should betoken for coffee bags is the last but not least factor you should consider. As a part of food packaging, the coffee bags industry has a strict criterion of the safety of coffee bag materials. Food-grade plastic, kraft paper, and foil are the common material used in the coffee bean packaging industry.
Benefites of coffee bags with valve

Most of coffee bags with valve are the stand up pouch, gusset bag, or block bottom pouch adding a valve. This kind of coffee bag will help you preserve the fresh coffee beans as long as possible. Generally, freshly roasted coffee releases carbon dioxide. Coffee bags with valve have a one-way valve to vent expend gas from the bag and avoid air entering. As one kind of popular coffee bean packaging, coffee bags with valve have advantages beyond general coffee bean bags.


  • Unique coffee bag design for coffee fresh keeping.As one kind of coffee bean packaging, coffee bags with valve is widely used in the coffee business for its long coffee bean fresh-keeping.
  • Compatible with many kinds of coffee bags.The valve can be added onto stand up pouch, flat bottom pouch, or gusset bag. You can choose your favorite type of coffee bags and add a valve for the preserving.
  • A kind of custom coffee bags for personalized requirements. This kind of coffee bag allows customers to have their coffee bag design, and it can be printed according to your requirements.

Hibags provide custom coffee bag wholesale service. We are specialized in coffee bean packaging. Elegant coffee bag design, safe material selection, and closely connect with our customers are what we doing, and we are trying to provide the best coffee bean packaging service for our customers.

Material of coffee packaging bags

As one of the leading coffee packaging manufacturers, Hibags provides you with the most suitable materials for your coffee packaging needs. All our coffee bags are manufactured with strict industrial processes. The following are the common material structure of coffee bags:
Kraft Paper/PET/MPET/PE
Kraft Paper/PET/PE
Besides, we also accept the material customization according to your needs.

We ensure our custome coffee bags wholesale service use food grade materials of bags.

How to seal coffee bags

When it comes to seal the coffee bag, the methods vary according to the different packaging designs. However, the method stated below is almost suitable for any coffee bags.

Method 1: Heatly Sealed. The top of the coffee bags has a top-loading opening that can be heat sealed with the aid of a heat sealer. This method can ensure a totally airtight environment to preserve the freshness of your coffee within a certain period of time.

Method 2: Sealing Bag With a Zip-Seal. If you directly tear down the coffee packaging along the dotted line by hand, the coffee inside the bag directly contact with the oxygen. This is unfavorable for you to preserve the freshness and aroma of your coffee. Under such circumstances, if there is a zip-seal under the opening, you could reseal it directly.

Method 3: Sealing Bag With a Clamp. If you directly tear down the coffee bag by hand and then find there is no a zip-seal. In this case, you could flatten the top of the bag and fold the two sides of the bag towards the central axis line to meet at the same point. And then you could use a clamp to seal the overlap.

How to open coffee bags

Although the methods to open the coffee bag vary according to the different packaging designs. However, the methods stated below are almost suitable for any coffee bags.

Type 1: Coffee Bag With Tailorable Dotted Lines: under the top opening of the coffee bag, there are two clearly visible and symmetrical dotted lines. The first method is that you just take out a scissor and shear along the dotted lines. This method is very controllable and does not cause any inconvenience.

Type 2: Coffee Bag With a Tear Tap: the top of the coffee bags boasts a tear tap. You could just tear down the top opening by hand. But you should pay great attention to the strength you use to tear down it. This method is unwieldy and uncontrollable because it has a great risk of impairing the package and the big opening will cause the unnecessary spill of the coffee when you fetch it.

Moreover, I want to give a kind suggestion that the coffee aroma and freshness will remain for a long time only when you open the bag and then keep it inside the jar.

What coffee bag sizes Hibags produce?

As one of the advanced coffee packaging manufacturers, Hibags mainly offer three coffee sizes to choose – ½ Pound, 1 Pound, and 5 Pound.


Half Pound Coffee Bags: Width: 3 ¼” Depth: 2 ½” Height: 7 ¾”
One Pound Coffee Bags: Width: 4 ¼” Depth: 2 ½” Height: 10″
Five Pound Coffee Bags: Width: 6 ½” Depth: 4 ½” Height: 16 ½”

Moreover, our coffee bags wholesale service invovles sizes customization. You could place the order attached with the detailed information.

Why choose biodegradable coffee bags?

In recent years, with the rapid popularity of e-commerce, the amount of packaging used in the course of coffee packaging see continuous growth. Out of consideration of sustainable development, both consumers and local governments start to require packaging brands to be responsible for the earth in which we live. Following the trend, quite a number of farsighted businesses have veered to the application of the eco friendly coffee bags. These eco coffee bags boasts three benefits as follows:

  • It’s Fashionable

With the enhance in the sense of environmental protection, the days when the packaging is littered casually the streets have gone. Nowadays, there is an increasing number of people who choose to use the biodegradable coffee bags. Following this trend, it is farsighted and promising for you to engage in the business of eco friendly coffee packaging.

  • Demonstrate Your Philosophy of Environmental Protection

In fact, many consumers prefer biodegradable coffee bags simply for its environmentally-friendly feature. Buyers often view companies negatively when a packaging can’t be used or recycled after the content of it has run-up. However, the same philosophy of environmental protection would decrease the gap between you and your potential consumers very soon. 

  • Reducing Carbon Footstep

Our biodegradable coffee bags can be broken down into natural elements, water, and carbon dioxide through the industrial disposal. They can be also discomposed into the compost without any remnant left behind other than their ability to perfectly break down. Therefore, our eco coffee bags are safer both to human and environmental health.

As one of the leading coffee bag munufacturers, we offer a series of professional services, such as biodegradable coffee bags wholesale, bulk coffee bags wholesale. If you want to learn more about our custom coffee bags wholesale service, please contact us at any time.