Custom coffee bags wholesale service

Hibags provides customers with custom coffee bags wholesale services. We use non-toxic and harmless advanced flexible packaging materials to provide customers with environmental friendly coffee bags.

We produce reusable coffee bags and resealable coffee bags. We have coffee bags with a valve or coffee bags window for customers. Coffee bags with a valve can keep the bag ventilated to make the storage more dry, and coffee bags with a window provide a clear idea for customers about the products inside.

We provide custom coffee bags wholesale service with customized size, color and shape. We also provide product logo printing service, and the printed coffee bags will help you enhance your brand influence.

types of coffee bags

  • Most of coffee bags use paper or food-grade material. Paper coffee bags and kraft coffee bags are the commonest coffee bean packaging bags. Coffee bags are also available in many colors. White coffee bags or black coffee bags are popular.
  • According to the different utilization of coffee bags, there are different coffee bag designs. Coffee bags with windows provide a transparent part as a window for their customers to have a clear idea about the products inside, while coffee bags with valve promise a ventilated environment.
  • Most of coffee bags are designed with seals for storing because coffee beans usually are scattered. The resealable coffee bags promise a convenient fetch of products. If you do not use the coffee bean at once, resealable coffee bags allow you store them for the next use.
  • Coffee bags manufacturers usually provide custom coffee bags wholesale service. You can custom personalized coffee bags from the size, color, and shape of pouches. Printed your logo on the bags can also be promised. Usually, custom printed coffee bags wholesale service will have a lower price.