All Things You Should Know about Food Grade Pouch

You may are working hard to offer food products that boast outstanding quality, value, and flavor for your customers. You know, delivering on that promise starts with superior products and ends with food grade pouch packaging. Our food grade pouch can meet your requirements either in terms of the function or types.

Our food grade plastic bags consist of FDA approved food-grade materials. Hence, they are definitely safe to be in contact with edible substances.

Features of Food Grade Pouch

  • Protecting your products in every relevant environment, covering storage, shopping, retail, etc.
  • Ensuring quality, freshness, and taste of your products to the largest extent.
  • Freeing your food product from moisture, vapor, odor, mold, and other potential hazards.
  • Superior Packaging for Your Brands: Grabbing your customers’ attention, keep your food safe, and protect your bottom line with our Food Grade Pouch. Our graphic designers can either make your existing artwork “print-ready” or cooperate with you to create it from scratch.

Types of Food Grade Pouch

Not all packaging is created equal. Some packaging is entirely suitable for certain products. For example, food or beverage packaging must be capable of protecting the contents from “the elements” and, as best possible, preserve content freshness. Our Food Grade Pouch comes in a variety of styles. There are mainly four types of Food Grade Pouch, including stand up pouch, flat pouch, laminated kraft paper bag, and coffee bags.

  • Food Grade Stand Up Pouch

Food Grade Stand Up Pouch consist of multiple layers of scientifically-formulated, food-grade film that are laminated together via an energy-efficient process. The Food Grade Stand Up Pouch can protect your food and/or beverage products from air, odor, moisture, and mold. For beverages and other liquids with a “best by” date, a combination pour spout/resealable cap of food grade stand up pouch prevents spills and helps to preserve (when applicable) freshness, flavor, aroma, nutritional/chemical potency.

  • Food Grade lat Pouch 

Flat Pouch is ideal for gift packaging or food packaging, such as dried meats, coffee, fruits, vegetables. Easy to use, heat sealable, and convenient packaging with multiple sizes and dimensions available to choose from. The Flat Pouch can be customized with unique printing in accordance with your requirements. It can be designed with a round or sombrero-shaped hang hole so that grocers and other retailers can display your brand in more than one way. All these advantages will be beneficial in making your brand stand out among your competitors.

  • Food grade laminated kraft paper bags

Generally speaking, the laminated kraft paper coffee bags ( can be also customized ) are made of layers of the kraft paper. The laminated kraft paper coffee bags are the most commonly used bags in the market. They are designed to preserve and extend the freshness and flavors of coffee. The unique waterproof material offers an excellent aluminum barrier to protect your product against moisture and air. Moreover, the back and front of the bags can be printed with the customized branding and product labeling.

  • Food grade coffee bags

Our coffee bag can be designed with unique functions, such as a visible rectangular window. Customers will have a clear idea about the products inside through the window. On the other hand, close sealing and water resistance promise the quality of storing products. They are widely used in the packaging industry to store the products orderly. The products which can be stored are foods or some others such as cigarette, cat litter, etc. The food-grade material and strong water and distortion resistance promise the dry keeping and the quality of the products inside.

Moreover, our Food Grade Plastic Bags can be customized with a unique function. For example, we offer food grade resealable bags, food grade zipper bag, food grade foil bags, food grade poly bags, food grade ziplock bags, etc. Over the past several decades, many industries have switched their packaging choice from tin cans, boxes to bags, because bags are cost-effective and eco-friendly. So what are you waiting for? Just shop and save with us today! To find out more about our products, place an order, or for anything else, call us at + 86-532-87711930.

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