Custom chip bags wholesale

Hibags provides a custom chip bags wholesale service for customers. Our custom bag of chips has safe, environmentally friendly materials and a well-closed bag design. And we are still trying to provide affordable custom chip bag prices and high-quality personalized chip bags. We have cooperated with many wholesale potato chips suppliers for providing potato chip packaging.Custom chip bags are the most popular among the chip packaging. Choosing custom made potato chip bags means you can design your own potato chip bags. Paper and plastic are the commonest potato chip bag materials. Potato chip plastic packaging is usually used in potato chip manufacturing, such as Lays Chips, while the paper packaging should choose the right personalized chip bags paper, and most of them are DIY.If you want to create a chip packaging business, choosing the bag of chips production wholesale service will help you save lots of costs. If you have the question of how to make custom chip bags, there are some type of templates. You can choose to DIY a potato chip bag template.

Creating custom chip bags needs to consider many factors, such as safety and storing function. No one want to eat soggy chips, so the materials of chip bag should have an excellent moisture barrier. As on type of food packaging, chip bags should have rigorous standard at material selection to ensure that there has no harmful element for people.Nowadays, most custom chip bags are made of aluminum laminated with polypropylene which is also known as low-density polyethylene film or metalized polypropylene.

  • Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene, also known as BOPP, is widely used in chip packaging. Custom chip bags manufacturers use it as the material inside. This kind of plastic has very excellent water resistance, and can create a moisture barrier in chip bags. Besides, BOPP also has a resistance to oil and grease.
  • Low-density polyethylene, also known as LDPE, is used at chip bags middle. This kind of material is strong and flexible, and people can very easily break it to fetch chips inside.

Other materials like paper can also make chip bags. While the custom chip bags paper should have water resistance, and also against oil and grease. Paper material can create a relevant safe and healthy storing environment, while the storing time is shorter than plastic materials

If you want to create custom chip bag packaging at home, it seems no possibility to create professional custom chip bags as you saw in supermarkets. While it can be used let the chip become personalized and unique gifts for your families and friends.3 steps to create personalized chip bags in the home

  1. Design the pattern: your special packaging should have a specification.
  2. Printed the pattern on the suitable side flat material: usually the paper you choose as the packaging. Bigger size than the original chip bags.
  3. Bonding the personalized packaging: your packaging should entirely package the original chip bags.

It is necessary to find custom chip bag manufacturers for wholesale potato chips suppliers because the bag manufacturers usually provide wholesale service which can help their customers save lots of costs. And the professional instruction of bag design help customers avoids any defects.The manufacturer also has efficient delivery, which ensures pass the products with the same quality as the one produced recently.

Though custom chip bags have expensive initial prices than other types of chip bags, the customized chip bags will take an amount good effect on your chip business.A unique bag design will expand your brand influence. The packaging is the first sale for any product because outstanding packaging can attract customers’ eyes and enhance their buying confidence.With customized chip bags, you can design your own chip bags that are unique and special for you and for your customers.Choosing customized chip bags wholesale service will save costs, and the more you need, the lost of costs you will save.A customized chip bag is the best choice for your products. Every manufacturer wants its products to be unique in the world from inside to outside. Custom chip bags achieve the requirement. Choosing the most suitable size, color, and exclusive pattern will make your products identify.

Choosing a custom chip bag has 4 considerations.

  1. The size of the chip bag. Choosing the right size for your chip packaging is necessary. If your chips are prepared for the party or family sharing, you should choose a big size. And if your chips are prepared for individuals, a small size is more likely to be accepted.
  2. The pattern of chip bags. Outstanding product packaging can attract customers’ eyes and enhance their buying confidence. And selecting or designing a suitable pattern for your chip packaging is very important.
  3. The material of chip bags. Every food packaging has strict standards for its material, so either chip bag. The bag should use food-grade, non-toxic materials. Both plastic and paper can be used in chip packaging, and they should have water resistance basically.
  4. The design of chip bags. You should consider the design of chip bags in 2 aspects. Whether the chip bags are easy to use and whether it can preserve chips.

If you want to customize your own chip bags, you should follow these 4 steps.

  • Design your special custom chip bags.

Size, color and pattern are factors you should consider. And if your chip bags are directly packaged chips, you also should consider the preservation of chips. Be careful about the chips storing function.

  • Choosing materials.

Paper of customized chip bags is easy to obtain. While you should choose non-toxic and food-grade materials for your chips.

  • Printing the pattern on materials.

Before doing this step, you should make sure of the size which your custom chip bags need. If it needs to package an entire packaged chips, you just need to design bigger bags than the original one. While if you want to package chips directly, the capacity you designed for your chip bags decides how many chips the bag has.

  • Bonding the packaging, and you will finish your own custom chip bags.
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