plastic slider zipper bag

Plastic Slider Ziplock Bags Wholesale

Hibags, with many years of experience, offers plastic slider ziplock bags wholesale services of various sizes. The raw materials of the plastic slider ziplock bags conforms to food safety standards, thus you can use it with confidence. The top of the bag is equipped with a high quality zipper to ensure 100% tightness. In addition, the zipper can be re-used without affecting the original tightness performance. We provide various sizes and styles of plastic ziolock bags for you to choose from, and we can also provide custom plastic ziplock bags wholesale service to meet the packaging needs of different customers. From the selection of materials, styles, and sizes, we will strictly follow customer requirements.

custom slider zipper bag

Custom Slider Zipper Bags

In order to meet the actual packaging needs of different customers, hibags provides complete custom ziplock bags wholesale services. Hibags’ professional team will offer different design solutions for customers to choose from according to their packaging items. From the selection of materials, styles, and sizes, we will strictly follow customer requirements for production. Every production process is inspected by professionals to ensure that we provide customers with high-quality plastic ziplock bags. According to your order quantity, we will give you the most favorable wholesale price. At the same time, we can also offer custom printing services for free, including logo, company information, etc.

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large ziplock bags

Large Ziplock Bags

This large ziplock bag is suitable for packaging applications of a variety of products, such as documents, jewelry, food, medicine bottles, etc, and it can almost meet all your packaging needs. Whether it is industrial, commercial or domestic use, large ziplock bags are undoubtedly your ideal packaging solution. The materials of hibags ziplock bags are in compliance with relevant food safety regulation, so you can use it with confidence. The zipper on the top of the bag allows it to be closed, opened and resealed again and again. This makes these bags perfect for items that need to be kept fresh or repackaged.

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clear zipper bags

Clear Zipper Bags

The clear zipper bag is one of the most popular packaging bags on the market, which can effectively protect the product from air, dust, and moisture. Used to store stationary, food, decorations, etc., so that your room is no longer chaotic. This clear zipper bag allows you to see the contents clearly and helps you stay organized in your daily life. We provide various zip lock bag sizes for customer, if the current sizes can not meet your requirements, we also provide custom clear zipper bags wholesale services. Our design team will offer different design schemes for you to choose from in accordance with your actual packaging items.

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clear [lastic zip bags

Clear Plastic Zip Bags

Using Hibags clear plastic zip bags, you can get more space at home. This clear plastic zip bag adopts the latest design. Its extended zipper and easy-to-grip seal make it easy to open and close. High quality zippers provide a perfect seal, thus reducing material waste and saving more money. Whether you are on the way to work or school, or picnic in the park, this clear plastic zip bag is ideal for keeping food. The raw materials come from reliable manufacturers and meet food safety standards. We provide a complete express service to ensure that you get clear plastic zip bags in the shortest time.

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small ziplock bag

Small Ziplock Bags

Using Hibags clear plastic zip bags, you can get more space at home. Small ziplock bags provide an easy and effective way to pack most items, including crafts, jewelry, art supplies, etc. The small ziplock bag is made of polypropylene and has excellent durability and clarity, making it ideal for multifunctional packaging. The air-tight zipper provides a reliable seal to protect your product from dust, dirt and moisture. The feature of resealable packaging makes it popular in all walks of life. We provide small ziplock bags wholesale services in various sizes to meet the packaging needs of different customers.

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plastic zipper bag

Plastic Zipper Bags

You will find that hibags plastic zipper bags are ideal for meeting all your packaging needs. All raw materials are made of food-grade safe and acid-free materials, and the bag body is made of polyethylene material, which has excellent durability and clarity. We have a variety of bag sizes for customers to choose from, and we can also provide customized zipper bag services according to customers’ actual packaging needs. No matter the appearance, size or material of the zipper bag, we will strictly produce according to customer requirements. The excellent portability and protection of our zipper bags make them stand out among many packaging bags. They are ideal packaging solutions for food, handicrafts, stationery and other products.

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plastic zipper storage bag

Plastic Zipper Storage Bags

This plastic zipper storage bag is the latest R&D product from Hibags, graceful appearance, easy using, anti-skid treatment adopted on the body of the bag. It has a zipper pull for sliding and sealing items and a resealable zipper to ensure that items are free from moisture and air. Bags are transparent, consumers can directly see the inside of the product, the promotion of the purchase. We provide various plastic zip lock bags sizes for you to choose from, and we can also provide custom zipper bags wholesale services according to customer requirements. All raw materials are selected from trusted manufacturers, and every production process is strictly inspected.

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ldpe plastic bag

Ldpe Plastic Bags

Ldpe plastic bag is made of LDPE, which is soft and clear but slightly weaker in strength. which is soft and transparent, but slightly weaker. Since the materials used to make plastic bags are non-toxic and harmless, in daily life, you can use the ldpe plastic bag to store some food, keeping the food fresh. At the same time, the ldpe plastic bag has one type of ziplock freezer bag, which can put ldpe plastic bags in the fridge. Notice! ldpe plastic bag is not suitable to pack items with heavier edges and corners because its edges and corners are easy to pierce the ldpe plastic bag.
ldpe ziplock bag

Ldpe Ziplock Bag

ldpe ziplock bag is also made of LDPE. This kind of bag has a firm seal, which is produced in a clean environment through several processes. Meanwhile, it is a ldpe medicine storage bag that can directly contact medicines. Meet the cleanliness requirements of different pharmaceutical customers’ products. Because of the zipper strip, this ldpe ziplock bag is very suitable for each customer’s needs for airtight storage of products. Each batch of ldpe ziplock bag products manufactured in Hibags is accompanied by a factory inspection report as required. Guarantee you get the best quality supply at the lowest price.
reusable freezer bag
Reusable Freezer Bags
No bags are as popular as reusable freezer bags, which are recycle ldpe plastic bags. This unique advantage not only protects the environment but also reduces waste. Not only that, but It also has a zipper on the top of zipper bags to keep it sealing. Hibags manufacturers also designed double zippers to enhance sealing. In addition, Hibags also created other styles of ziplock bags. Such as white ziplock bags because many users do not like daily necessities with pigments; flat ziplock bags used for packing some food that does not take up too much space; clear ziplock bags, which can easily pick out the stored food. The ziplock bags listed above cater to users who want to use different bags to keep food fresh.
custom slider zip bag
Custom Slider Zip Bags
If you need a lot of slider zip bags and have special requirements for the appearance of the slider zip bags, you can tell the Hibags manufacturer, which can wholesale custom slider zip bags to meet your needs. At the same time, Hibags has a professional team that can design many kinds of customized slider zip bags according to customers’ products or requirements. When the factory produces custom slider zip bags strictly according to the standard, and each custom slider zip bag produced is then delivered from the factory after the experience, it provides a safe and secure supply for customers.
food slider ziplock bag

Food Slider Ziplock Bags

The more food is eaten, the greater the need for food bags. Among the most vital reasons is food slider ziplock bags not only prolong the storage time of food but also keep the food delicious. Food slider ziplock bags are popular with folks. If you want to make a lot of money through food slider ziplock bags, you can go to cooperate with Hibags. It is a professional manufacturer of slider zip bags. With an excellent production and manufacturing team, you can safely wholesale a lot of slider zip bags. Last but not least, it will provide you with a friendly one-stop wholesale service. Hibags will also give you very favorable prices, and the more you wholesale, the lower the price. Take action!
slider plastic bag

Slider Plastic Bags

The slider plastic bag has several very clever designs. Firstly, at the top of it is a zipper with a slider. It is very convenient to use it to access items. There is another design at the bottom of it. It has a base gusset at the bottom, which can stand after you put things in, so it can also be called a stand-up slider bag. Of course, not all slider plastic bags can stand up after putting things.
Meanwhile, slider plastic bags could store almost all the items you want to store, for example, fruit, vegetables, grains, medicines, etc. So slider plastic bags are generally used to keep food fresh. Especially when you choose to order wholesale in the Hibags factory, Hibags manufacturers can pack all wholesaled slider plastic bags in color boxes for you.
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