Paper Coffee Bags VS. Plastic Coffee Bags: Which One Should You Take for Your Coffee Shop Business?

If you work in the coffee packaging industry, you are probably familiar with all kinds of coffee bags. And it is not a secret that paper and plastic are the two materials which are commonly taken for coffee bean packaging. While some articles introduce one of the coffee bags is better than another at preserving fresh coffee bean. Does it matter for coffee packaging? And which of them is a better choice for your coffee shop business?

This article explains the two question as three aspects and finally provide a suggestion for you that what should you pay attention to when you select packaging material. 5 minutes will be used to read.

Paper Coffee Bags VS. Plastic Coffee Bags

These two types of coffee bags take different materials while having similar functions in coffee packaging. According to the result of much testing and research, we found that there nearly have no difference between paper coffee bags and plastic coffee bags at fresh preserving. No matter paper coffee bags or plastic coffee bags that you take, the best method for storing coffee beans is sale and use. The distinctive differences between paper coffee bags and plastic coffee bags at the aspect of degradation and waste reduction.

Paper Coffee Bags

Nowadays, most coffee bags are made by paper in the coffee bean packaging market. The advantages of paper coffee bags are well-performance of dry environment keeping, water-resistance, and the resistance of distress strain.


  • Ventilation for drying store environment
  • Special technical for water-resistance
  • Recycle and environmentally friendly
  • Minimal wasting of resources

Types of Paper Coffee Bags

  • Paper Coffee Bags with Valve

This kind of coffee packaging has a unique paper bag design, which is a vent on the paper bag. With the valve, this kind of coffee bags can provide a drying store environment for coffee beans inside. Usually, paper coffee bags with valve are flat paper bags. This kind of design makes a scientific room for coffee bags that can avoid press deformation.

  • Paper Coffee Bags with Window

As one kind of food packaging bags, paper coffee bags with window take food-grade kraft paper as their material. And a transparent part was designed on the bag. If you want to demonstrate the product inside, paper coffee bags with window is a better choice for you. With the transparent window, customers will have a clear vision about the product inside.

  • Tin Tie Coffee Bags

Tin tie coffee bags were design for better sealing. With the tin tie on the top of the bag, you can easily open or close for taking coffee beans inside. This kind of coffee bags are water-resistance and can keep dry for products inside. Most of them were made by kraft paper, which is a popular material in coffee packaging.

Plastic Coffee Bags

Plastic coffee bags are very commonly used as coffee containers to preserving fresh coffee. Compare with paper coffee bags, plastic coffee bags are more durable. Every plastic coffee bag in the food packaging industry is available food-grade materials to ensure the safety of the product inside. Commonly, coffee bags with polypropylene inside and this kind of design is not breathable, so it is preferred in the coffee shop business.


  • Durable
  • Not breathable
  • Safe material for food packaging

Types of Plastic Coffee Bags

  • Plastic coffee bags with valve

If your product is freshly roasted coffee, your coffee packaging should have one-way valves to vent gas and trapped air, because freshly roasted coffee releases carbon dioxide. And at the same time, plastic coffee bags with valve can also prevent external air to enter the packaging. Plastic material gives a well-vent environment for freshly roasted coffee.

  • Plastic coffee bags with window

Plastic coffee bags with window has a similar function as paper coffee bags with window. They also have a transparent part to show the product inside. While plastic coffee bags are well-performance at water resistance.

  • Plastic resealable coffee bags

This kind of coffee bag has a heat seal top of the bag for filling. Other seal methods like reusable zipper can also be allowed. With the feature of plastic material, this kind of coffee bag is very suitable for storing perishable products like freshly roasted coffee. The top seal is convenient to use products inside, and if you can’s use out them at one time, top seals help you finish perfect storing.


There is a very similar bag design between paper coffee bags and plastic coffee bags, such as bags with valve, bags with window, and tin tie bags. While there are different features between the two. Paper coffee bags have an advantage at drying environment keeping, while plastic coffee bags, always with valve, have an advantage at fresh food preservation. Both of them are popular coffee beans packaging. While no matter paper coffee bags or plastic coffee bags are can not extent the fresh-time of products.

Paper bag manufacturer

Choose The Right One for Your Coffee Shop Business

If you are a coffee shop businessman, you might familiar with coffee packaging. No matter the packaging of coffee beans or freshly roasted coffee, we should choose the one which is the most suitable bag for your products.

You can solve this problem with consideration of 3 aspects.

  1. As the aspect of environmentally conscious, you should consider whether it is recyclable and degradable.Most of paper coffee bags are biodegradable, while lots of plastic coffee bags are degradable. Tin tie and valve can not be degraded, people need to move them away before throwing the bags away.
  2. As the aspect of production cost, you should consider whether it can be mass-produced.Generally speaking, plastic coffee bags have more production costs than paper coffee bags, and both of them can be produced in a mass method. Ignoring the difference in basic cost between the two, the more they produce, the less cost they have.
  3. As the aspect of personalized customization.Both paper coffee bags and plastic coffee bags can be printed according to the customers’ requirements. Paper coffee bags allow their user to draw patterns on them, while the printing of plastic coffee bags is more durable.

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