The Features of Kimchi Bags

How to make Korean kimchi

  • Wash the cabbage
  • Salted off
  • Make marinade paste
  • Ingredients processing
  • Make ginger garlic paste
  • To adjust the marinade of kimchi
  • Start pickling kimchi
  • Sealing and other fermentation
  • Cooking notes
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Stand-up aluminum foil kimchi bag

The aluminum foil bag is made of safe and non-toxic materials, with excellent sealing and waterproof and leak-proof properties, which can protect kimchi from the influence of bacteria for a long time. The aluminum foil kimchi bag has the following characteristics: There is a U-shaped notch on the top. When used to store products that are not affected by the outside world, a heat sealer can be used to seal the U-shaped slot; a self-sealing zipper.

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Black pickle bag with window

The black standing bag with a window is the most commonly used food bag on the market today. It can be placed on a flat surface (such as a shelf, cabinet, or kitchen) for display. The biggest feature of this kimchi bag is that it has a completely transparent rectangular window that can display the items to be stored. You can check the product from the window of this bag and decide whether to buy it. In addition, this kind of stand-up bag packaging design has enough space to prevent the kimchi from getting damp and moldy.

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Plastic Kraft paper kimchi bag with zipper

It is a common type of bag on the market, usually used to pack coffee beans or powder. This kind of bag combines the characteristics of a large capacity of standing and side gusset bags, resembling a box shape. When displayed on a shelf, the three-dimensional shape can enhance stability. This flat-bottom bag has a variety of sealing methods, such as ordinary zippers, E-type zippers, and they allow the bag to be closed again. There is also an easy-to-tear design, easy to open; the bag is strong, and the top zipper design can be re-sealed with a sealing machine.

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Printed kimchi bag with window

We provide customers with some exquisitely printed kimchi bag templates. All printed kimchi vertical bags are made of safe and non-toxic materials and are printed with advanced printing technology. Our printing bag wholesale service provides high-quality packaging bags and different exquisite templates to meet your various needs. Hibags provides customized standing bag wholesale service. Through this particular service, you can have your kimchi bag design.

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The quality standard of kimchi bags

At present, many products are sold with three layers of packaging bags. Not only can the products be protected from bacteria and dust, but some exquisitely designed packaging bags can also make the products more beautiful and drive their sales. Let’s take a look at them. Specific usage requirements.Take kimchi packaging bags, for example, generally can be divided into single film bags and composite film packaging bags.

Plastic for making kimchi bags

Generally, plastic packaging bags for non-contact food use polyvinyl chloride as raw materials. Because PVC is cheap, easy to color, and bright in color, it is not easy to deform. And the plastic bag packaging bag made is beautiful in style, easy to process and manufacture, and various additives can be added. This kind of plastic is widely used in industrial packaging bags, agricultural plastic packaging bags, daily necessities, raincoats, sandals, toys, and other industries.


How to choose the kimchi packaging basg that suits you

  • Permeability
  • Gas protection
  • Prevent odor
  • Light
  • Extreme temperature
  • Cost


1. How do you pack nuts to keep them tasty?

The nut bags we produce are lined with aluminum foil film to ensure the bag is well sealed.

2. What are the packaging requirements for nuts?

As long as you make your nut products, you can make snack nut bags according to your requirements.

3. What material do you use for the snack nut bag packaging?

We make bags using seven layers of co-extruded thermoformed film and lidding film to provide you with high-quality snack nut bags.

4. What help do you provide for custom nut bag packaging?

You tell us your packaging requirements, and our designers will design exclusive nut bags for you. If there is a product packaging design, we can directly produce it according to your packaging design. We can provide you with a one-stop printing service if you need it.

5. Do you offer sustainable or recyclable packaging for nut bag products?

Yes, our factory producing nut bags has always been committed to the scientific concept of environmentally friendly and healthy food and the environment. If you need it, we will provide you with recyclable nut bags.