Advantages of spout pouch

Aluminium foil spout pouch

The aluminium foil spout pouch is generally made of aluminized, pure aluminum, PDPE, or nylon composite materials. An aluminium foil spout pouch is a general stand-up bag with a suction nozzle. The aluminium foil spout pouch has multi-layer composite materials, which can meet the needs of different liquid packaging. However, if you need an Aluminium foil spout pouch, Hibags can generally customize Aluminium foil spout pouch. At the same time, the Aluminium foil spout pouch is a relatively novel food packaging bag on the market. Its main features are:

  • The sealing performance is excellent.
  • It can be folded and hung.
  • Provide personalized service
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Recyclable spout pouches

We use food-grade film to manufacture recyclable spout pouches. Usually, recyclable spout pouches have two or more layers of composite bags. Now recycling waste plastics has been adopted by contemporary spout pouch suppliers. After separating the recyclable spout pouches by manual sieving, the recyclable spout pouches need to be crushed, then plastic granulated, changing materials, etc. At this time, the recyclable spout pouches. It is converted into various transparent and opaque recycled plastics. Then according to the phase differentiation, the recyclable spout pouches finally become a food packaging bags. And you can continue to use this spouted pouches again.

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Liquid stand up pouch with spout.

A liquid stand up pouch with a spout has excellent airtightness and composite strength and can withstand ≥50kg pressure for several minutes without rupture or leakage. Drink stand up pouch with spout is made of multi-layer material composite, which has good compressive strength and fastness, and uses advanced and mature bag-making technology to reject the liquid leakage inside. Liquid stand up pouch with spout has intense heat sealing fastness, pressure resistance, drop resistance, not easy to break, and no leakage. Guarantee the quality guarantee period of the inner packaging products.

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Stand up spout pouch manufacturers.

Hibags will provide high-quality one-stop, customized spouted pouch services as stand up spout pouch manufacturers.

  • Pre-sale service

We spend more time communicating with customers and more managers, focusing on the design and production of each product

  • High-quality stand up pouch with spout

We have many years of experience in design, production, and packaging, serving thousands of enterprises, and our business covers the world.

  • After-sales service

All spout pouches can be customized factory direct sales.

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If you need a lot of spout pouches, you can contact us to discuss the specific content.

Please rest assured that the spouted pouches produced by Hibags is made of food-grade spout pouch material.

We can provide customized templates according to your products, and we will also improve the spouted pouches at any time according to your requirements.

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