Food Packaging Pouches Manufacturers

Founded in 2006 and certified by BRC, BSCI and ISO, Qingdao Huahongxing Plastic Co. Ltd. is a professional large-scale manufacturer of plastic packaging bags and flms, with more than 300 skilled workers. The effective management in mass production and experienced sales team ensure high quality products and better services. We’re dedicated to providing our clients with low-cost but effective packaging solution, both for food industry and non-food industry.

Company Advantage

1) With more than 17 years of experiences in the flexible packaging industry, our professional teams keep providing quality products and services.
2) Being Certified by BRC, BSCI and ISO, our effective management and strict quality control can ensure on-time delivery and low rate of defective goods.
3) We have a wide range of flexible packaging products, from PE ziplock bag & PE slider bag to various types of laminated pouches and co-extruded films.

Food Packaging Pouches Applications

All food Industies are using Food Packaging Pouches

Coffee bag packing

Coffee Bags Wholesale for coffee bean packing, for both coffee factory and coffee shop business owner

Custom Chip Bags

custom printed chip bags,custom potato chip bags, personalized chip bags.

Smell Proof Weed Bags

Custom smell proof bag is also known as smell proof weed bags. Hibags provide custom smell proof weed bags at wholesale price.

Coffee bag packing

Coffee Bags Wholesale for coffee bean packing, for both coffee factory and coffee shop business owner

Custom Stand Up Pouches Wholesale

Hibags still trying to provide the high-quality and the most satisfied stand up pouch wholesale service for our customers. Our standing pouch has food-grade material, and we produce paper bag, foil pouch, and other food-safe material pouch bags. Our stand up pouch can be divided as 5 types, which are spout pouch, slider pouch, zipper pouch, aluminum foil bag and paper pouch.

We can custom the standing pouch as our customers’ requirement, also provide printing service to print your personalized logo, which will enhance your brand influence.

As a stand up pouch manufacturer, we understand the demand of our customers and improve our products for fitting the innovation of the packaging industry. Nowadays our stand up pouches are widely used in the food packaging industry, such as cookie packaging, chocolate packaging, and also be popular at packaging manufacturers.We also launch baby food pouches. The safe materials and scientific, humanized design make them more convenient to use.

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Coffee Bags Wholesale

Hibags provide coffee bags with food-grade, non-toxic material to promise the safe utilization of the coffee beans. Generally speaking, coffee bean packaging industry usually takes the paper bags. Hibags provide kraft paper coffee pouches, which can keep dry for storing, and more durable. We also provide custom coffee bag wholesale service, we can print personalized logo on your custom coffee bags to enhance the brand influence for you.

  • Personalized and specialized custom coffee packaging wholesale service.
  • The more large numbers order, the more huge discount for you.
  • Lower price with high quality.
  • Always closely work with our customer.

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