A Simple Introduction to Stand Up Pouch Printing

stand up pouch printing

Standing Pouch Printing

Stand up pouch printing is printing on stand up pouches. Since stand-up pouches are usually made of plastic or aluminum laminate, they can be print with any number of colors, designs, or logos. It also provides many new sales opportunities and is loved by product manufacturers.

The label standing pouch can make your products more personalized and attractive. You can custom printed stand up pouches to provide your products with a high-quality appearance through the standing pouch printing process.

Hibags is a bag-making expert in China, and we offer a full range of standing pouch custom services. Our custom stand up pouches can be divided into five types: spout pouch, slider pouch, zipper pouch, aluminum foil bag, and paper pouch. Click https://hibags.com/ to learn about our stand up pouch printing process and unlock more new ways to play custom standing pouch.

Let’s take a look at the craft involved in the stand up pouch printing process, and what processes are there for custom printed stand up pouches?

Which inks are needed for stand up pouch printing?

In the process of standing pouch printing, how to choose printing ink is a very critical step. Nowadays, people’s requirements for standing pouch printing are becoming more and more stringent. The ink must not have any residues, and environmentally friendly inks have emerged as the times require.
Why do we call it environmentally friendly ink? That’s because this series of inks will not pollute the environment during the standing pouch printing process and will not pollute the food in the food packaging bag.
Currently, there are generally three types of environmentally friendly inks widely used in stand up pouch printing technology:
  • Ultraviolet (UV) curing ink
  • Water-based ink
  • Electron beam curing ink (EB ink)

Stand up pouch printing commonly used printing process

There are two printing methods for a custom stand up pouches.

1. rotogravure printing

The first is rotogravure printing, which functions similarly to a traditional rotogravure press. First, the image to be print is engrav on the copper cylinder and then pressed onto the stand up pouches. The stand up pouch printing machine has a printing unit for each color, usually a mixture of CMYK colors.

2. flexographic printing

The second printing method is flexographic printing, in which the bag is fed from the roll to the stand up pouch printing machine. Then pull the stand up pouches through a series of printing units, and each unit prints a CMYK color.

Both types of stand up pouch printing methods have their advantages, but rotogravure printing tends to produce better images with higher resolution (but also more expensive). In recent years, technological advancements have helped flexographic printers produce stand up pouch printing products with a quality similar to rotogravure prints at a cheaper price.
To know which printing method is suitable for your custom standing pouch, please consult your supplier to find out what they recommend for your custom stand up pouches.

Custom Printed Stand Up Pouches at Hibags


Why choose Hibags for your standing pouch printing?

Hibags has been working hard to provide our customers with high-quality and most satisfactory standing pouch custom services.
We will customize stand up pouches according to your requirements and provide stand up pouch printing services to meet your individual needs.
As a stand-up pouch manufacturer, we understand the standing pouch printing technology. Whether you want to customize printed stand up pouches for your products or label standing pouch, you can get satisfactory service at Hibags.

Stand Up Pouch Printing Process

1. Confirm the manuscript

If there is no professional file, you can call our manual customer service first to confirm whether our company can undertake your standing pouch printing.

2. Design an artistic pattern that represents your brand

Let us know your preferences, and we will use the colors and typography that best reflect your brand’s personality. Regardless of your preference, we will keep the brand name for you so that customers can easily remember it.

3. Quotation

Please tell us your required size and amount so that we can accurately provide custom stand up pouches quotation.

4. Remittance

After receiving the full payment, we will arrange the service process of stand up pouch printing.

5. Typesetting confirmation

Confirm the layout of your custom stand up pouches.

6. Add helpful product information

By adding useful product information on the custom standing pouch, let customers know your product more clearly.

7. Printing process

We adjust the shipping time of standing pouch print according to the actual workload.

8. Shipment delivery

Finish standing pouch custom work and deliver custom printed stand up pouches to you.

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