Ziplock Bag Slider Bag Manufacturer

If you are looking for a manufacturer of ziplock bags or slider bags and want to get competitive prices, please browse our product pictures and initiate an inquiry, because Hibags is a manufacturer specializing in custom printed ziplock bags, slider bags, We have 17 years of experience in the production of ziplock bags and slider bags. High-quality raw materials and strict quality control have enabled us to gain a large number of customers from North America, South America, Europe, Japan, and South Korea. Welcome to visit our factory and look forward to your emails.

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Custom Printed Ziplock Slider Freezer Bag

Hibags’ factory covers an area of 28,000 square meters. There are more than 100 workers with rich experience in ziplock bag slider bag production. We have more than 100 ziplock bag slider bag film blowing machines, five zipper and slider extruders each, and printing machines 15 sets and a large number of bag making machines. These equipment can customize ziplock bags and slider bags of different sizes, colors, patterns and styles for customers, and can guarantee product delivery time.

Printed Slider Bag with Colorful Box

This gallon zip lock slider bags uses our most advanced color printing machine. The printing is very beautiful and can print up to 6 colors. It is made of food-grade LDPE material and printed with environmentally friendly ink on the surface, which is very in line with the concept of environmental protection. The zipper at the top of the bag can be closed, opened and resealed again and again. This makes these bags ideal for items that need to be kept fresh or repackaged.

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Custom Double Zip Lock Freezer Bag

This double zip lock freezer bag uses a double zipper structure to make the bag more airtight. It can store liquid and keep it leak-free for a certain period of time. This zipper bag is one of the most popular packaging bags on the market. It is widely used. It is used for refrigerated packaging of candies, nuts, snacks, fruits, and meat. Hibags provides custom printing services for double zipper bags, and we look forward to receiving your email inquiry.

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Custom Colorful Seal Strip Slider Bag

Colored seal strip quart zip lock bags make the bags more beautiful, hibags can customize seal strips in many colors, this freezer quart bags can effectively protect products from air, dust and moisture. Our design team will provide different design solutions for you to choose from based on your actual packaging items. The material of hibags ziplock bags complies with relevant food safety regulations, so you can use them with confidence. We look forward to receiving your email inquiry.

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Custom Ziplock Bag with Punched Colorful Box

Colorful boxes with holes can be hung on supermarket shelves to better display your products to customers. Hibags can create color boxes of different sizes, patterns and styles for your ziplock bag slider bags to increase your gallon zip lock bag sliders bag sales. We provide our customers with zip lock bags freezer in various sizes, and if the current size does not meet your requirements, we also provide wholesale services for custom clear ziplock bags quart. We look forward to receiving your email inquiry.

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Custom Freezer Slider Bags in Different Sizes

Because different packaging products require freezer slider bags of different sizes, Hibags can customize freezer slider bags of different sizes for customers. We can also divide a color box into two parts to hold slider quart bags of different sizes. Many customers have already This plan was adopted. All raw materials are selected from trustworthy manufacturers, and every production process is strictly inspected. We look forward to receiving your email inquiry.

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Custom Large Capacity Colorful Box Ziplock Bags

In order to differentiate their products, many shopping malls choose to purchase large-capacity zip freezer bags color box sets for sale. Hibags provides customers with large color box packaging boxes, which can accommodate more freezer pint bags and slider bags. High-quality zippers provide a perfect seal, resulting in less material waste and more money saved. Whether you’re on your way to work or school, or having a picnic in the park, this clear plastic zip food storage bags is ideal for storing food.

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Custom Stand Up Slider Bag

Stand up slider bags is made of LDPE, which is soft and clear but slightly weaker in strength. Since the materials used to make plastic bags are non-toxic and harmless, in daily life, you can use the zip lock pint freezer bags to store some food, keeping the food fresh. At the same time, the zip bags for freezer has one type of ziplock freezer bag, which can put gallon freezer ziplock bags in the fridge. Notice! Gallon ziplock bags is not suitable to pack items with heavier edges and corners because its edges and corners are easy to pierce the ziplock gallon freezer bags.

Custom Colorful Seal Ziplock Bag

Ziplock bags freezer is also made of LDPE. This kind of bag has a firm seal, which is produced in a clean environment through several processes. Meanwhile, it is a ldpe medicine storage bag that can directly contact medicines. Meet the cleanliness requirements of different pharmaceutical customers’ products. Because of the zipper strip, this ziplock gallon freezer bags is very suitable for each customer’s needs for airtight storage of products. Each batch of freezer gallon ziplock bags products manufactured in Hibags is accompanied by a factory inspection report as required. Guarantee you get the best quality supply at the lowest price.
Custom Food Grade Slider Bag
No bags are as popular as reusable freezer bags. It has a zipper on the top of zipper bags to keep it sealing. Hibags manufacturers also designed double zippers to enhance sealing. In addition, Hibags also created other styles of ziplock quart freezer bags. Such as white quart freezer ziplock bags because many users do not like daily necessities with pigments; flat ziplock bags quart freezer used for packing some food that does not take up too much space; clear ziplock pint freezer bags, which can easily pick out the stored food. The ziplock storage bags quart listed above cater to users who want to use different bags to keep food fresh.
Custom Zip Food Storage Bags
The more food is eaten, the greater the need for food bags. Among the most vital reasons is food slider ziplock storage bags quart not only prolong the storage time of food but also keep the food delicious. Food slider ziplock bags are popular with folks. If you want to make a lot of money through food slider ziplock bags, you can go to cooperate with Hibags. It is a professional manufacturer of slider zip bags. With an excellent production and manufacturing team, you can safely wholesale a lot of slider zip bags. Last but not least, it will provide you with a friendly one-stop wholesale service. Hibags will also give you very favorable prices, and the more you wholesale, the lower the price. Take action!

Custom Frozen Ziplock Bags

If you need a lot of slider zip bags and have special requirements for the appearance of the slider zip bags, you can tell the Hibags manufacturer, which can wholesale custom slider zip bags to meet your needs. At the same time, Hibags has a professional team that can design many kinds of customized slider zip bags according to customers’ products or requirements. When the factory produces custom slider zip bags strictly according to the standard, and each custom slider zip bag produced is then delivered from the factory after the experience, it provides a safe and secure supply for customers.

Custom Ziplock Gallon Slider Bags

The slider plastic bag has several very clever designs. Firstly, at the top of it is a zipper with a slider. It is very convenient to use it to access items. There is another design at the bottom of it. It has a base gusset at the bottom, which can stand after you put things in, so it can also be called a stand-up slider bag. Of course, not all slider plastic bags can stand up after putting things.Hibags manufacturers can pack all wholesaled slider plastic bags in color boxes for you.

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