Why Choose Thermoforming Film?

  • Versatility:

Thermoforming film is mainly used for food product packaging, it is non-toxic and can provide a safe environment to keep the food fresh. Besides, the thermoforming film is also used in other industries, such as Metal & Electronics Component, Home & Personal Care, etc.

  • Low Cost:

The plastic sheet of thermoforming film is affordable because of the high volume production that will generate additional economies of scale.

  • Short Production Cycle:

The automatic thermoforming process and large-volume production make a short production cycle which allow manufacturers offer the thermoforming film fast.

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Other Advantages of Thermoforming Film:

  • Exceptional softness
  • Excellent gloss and clarity
  • Greater puncture resistance
  • Excellent deep draw thermoformability
  • Wide rang of sealing property
  • High temperature resistance
  • Excellent barrier against moisture, gas, oxygen, and aroma
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Product Details:

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Exceptional Softness

The exceptional softness allows thermoforming film versatility to package without shape limitation. No matter your food product is square, round or other irregular shapes, this kind of food packing film will provide advanced and beautiful packaging for them!


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Puncture Resistance

Greater puncture resistance creates a safe storing environment for packaged products. Your products might have a long journey from your factory to your agent. Package with the thermoforming film will make an efficient delivery and ensure the product not be damaged during the delivery process. Besides it also saves space, and reduces the cost of delivery.

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Deep Draw Themoformability

Excellent deep draw thermoformability mold plastic sheet more convenient and safer. The plastic sheet needs to be heated to a shaped temperature, which might damage the inside structure of packaging materials. A thermoforming film with deep draw thermoformability will have a relatively steady structure at the heat temperature. And for food packaging safety is the most important factor which directly closes with the using safe of customers.

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Excellent Sealing Property

Thermoforming film can seal any shapes of products with excellent sealing property. This kind of non-toxic, deep draw thermofromable packaging materials can make a safe, clear environment, and keep the food fresh for a relative long time. The sealing property barrier the air outside enters and oxidize the food inside. Usually, the sealing process of thermoforming film is made after the heating step. Vacuum thermoforming is a very common method for sealing products.

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High-Temperature Resistance

Thermoforming film features high-temperature resistance that allow this kind of special packaging material has a long shelf life, provides a long fresh keeping environment and ensures the high-quality of packaged products inside.

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Excellent Gloss and Clarity

The excellent gloss and clarity will win the buying confidence from customers. The transparent packing shows packaged details of the products. Especially for the food industry, any product detail disply will enhance the buying confidence of your customers.

What Is Thermoforming Film?

The thermoforming film is a kind of food packing film which features high-performance and used for various product packaging. Its high-temperature resistance, deep draw thermoformability, and expert barrier against moisture gas, oxygen, and aroma allow it to provide advanced packaging results.

Co-extrusion film equipment help manufacturers make the final thermoforming film. During the thermoforming process, the food packing roll is arranged on equipment, and send the sheet into an oven in order to heat the packing material to a shaped temperature. Then three methods made pressure on the cheat sheet to finish the thermoforming film packaging. Vacuum, pressurized, and mechanical. Different equipment might take different pressure method for packaging.

Advanced Co-extrusion film equipment
occupied area:200㎡, with height at 9 meters;
Film roll width range:350mm~1050mm;
Film thickness:40micron ~300micron
Production capacity:5.5~6 tons per day;
Structure:PA/PE, PA/PP, PA/EVOH/PE, 7 layers
Industrial Application of Thermoforming Film

Prominent features such as deep draw thermoformability, high-temperature resistance, and great barrier against moisture, and more allow the thermoforming film to be used in various packaging industries with outstanding performance.

  • Food Packaging:

As the commonest food packing film, the thermoforming film is widely used in the food packaging industry. Non-toxic, high-temperature resistant and excellent sealing properties make the thermoforming film create a safe and clean storing environment to keep the food fresh.

Thermoforming Film in Food Packaging: Dairy, Dried Food, Snacks, Tea & Coffee, Confectionery & Bakery, Processed Frozen & Hot Food, Soups & Sauces, Ready-to-Eat Food, Meat Poultry & Sea Food, Pickle, Spices & Flour, Aromatic Products, Pet Food & Specialty Products.

  • Non-food & industrial packaging:

Thermoforming films have excellent deep draw thermoformability and high-temperature resistance. Therefore, this kind of packaging materials can be used as industrial packaging, and qualify to package some environment strict products, such as sterile medical products.

Thermoforming Film in Non-Food & Industrial Packaging: Industrial Products, Metal & Electronics Component, Pharmaceutical Medical & Health Care, Cosmetics & Laundry, Home & Personal Care, Adhesive Resins & Chemical Garden & Agriculture Packaging, Feed Seed & Agro Products, Specialty & Technical Products.

Packaging with Thermoforming Films

The thermoforming film is a kind of packaging film roll that is very popular in the packaging industry. But the packaging process of this packaging film roll needs specific technology and equipment.

Generally speaking, packaging with this kind of food packing film need main two steps.

Heating, and Pressure

At the heating process, also called the thermoforming process, the packaging film roll was put on a thermoforming machine and send the sheet into an oven to heat the thermoforming film roll to a shaped temperature. When the packaging film roll was heated at the shaped temperature, the packaging film roll will be placed over the mold to prepare the next step.

The pressure process always takes three methods, vacuum, pressurized, and mechanical.

Vacuum means to create a vacuum between the packaging film roll and the mold cavity, drags the pliable packing film roll into the mold, finally form the various detail of products

Pressurized provide additional force in the vacuum technique, the pressure is created by compressing air.

Mechanical thermoforming has a mating box that aims to push the packaging film roll into the mold.

During the pressure process of thermoforming, the vacuum is the commonest packaging method. Because as a thinner material, packaging film roll doesn’t need additional pressure to form tightly to the mold.

How to Find A Reliable Thermoforming Film Supplier?

As the features of versatility, low cost, and short production cycle, the thermoforming film is very popular in the packaging industry. With the huge and increasing market value of the thermoforming film, more and more manufacturers provide wholesale service for this kind of food packing film. While finding a reliable thermoforming film supplier is very important for your packaging business. There are some factors that make an influence, considering them before you create an operation with your thermoforming film suppliers.

  • High-quality and non-toxic food packing film

If you want to find thermoforming film manufacture for your food packaging industry, the quality of this kind of food packing film should be put in the most important situation. Ensure that the packaging is safe for the food no matter the time is packaging, delivery, and selling. The safe of your custom is the first thing.

  • Efficient delivery

A short production cycle means low production cost. Two days of delivery are preferred than one week. While during the delivery, manufacturers should ensure the quality of products. Reduce or eliminate wear and tear as much as they can.

  • Thermoforming film wholesale service

The big order should have a reasonable discount, so does the order of this kind of food packing film. A responsible food packing film manufacturer should have not only high-quality, efficient delivery but also a reasonable discount for the big order customers.

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