Advantages of customizing paper cookie bags

Eight Side Seal Packaging Cookie Bag

Eight-side sealing flat bottom zipper bags, eight-side sealing packaging cookie packaging bags, eight-side sealing flat bottom cookie packaging bags, four-side sealing cookie packaging bags, four-side sealing zipper ccookie packaging bags, standing cookie packaging bags and other christmas cookie packaging bags have many years of

cookie packaging bags in history. The technology is mature and exported to the world.
1. Beautiful and novel, improve product quality.
2. Save space.
3.Cookie gift bags can better attract consumers’ attention.
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Excellent eco-friendly cookie bag

Eight-side sealing bag: professionally make high-grade cookie packaging bags and food packaging bags. The cookies bag has a high-end appearance and a novel design. At the same time, the zipper of the cookie packaging bags is reusable, increasing the value of the package. To comply with the environmental protection requirements, our company uses environmentally friendly inks,cookies strain bag is, benzene-free and ketone-free ink printing, which makes the printed products environmentally friendly and reduces the harm to human health.

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Kraft Paper Cookie Bag

Paper-plastic composite cookie packaging bags is a paper-plastic composite packaging cookie packaging bags made of aluminum box material or pe, CPP, and other materials composite paper referred to as paper-plastic composite bags. However, the kraft paper personalized cookie bag wholesale is an environmentally friendly material and can be recycled, so it contributes to the cause of environmental protection. It can make your product packaging a high-end atmosphere. And if it is customized and printed on the kraft paper cookie bag according to customer requirements.

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Aluminum foil cookie bag

Aluminum foil cookie bag packaging usually refers to aluminum-plastic composite vacuum cookie packaging bags. This cookie bag is suitable for moisture-proof, light-proof, and vacuum packaging of large-scale precision machinery and equipment, chemical raw materials, and intermediates. At the same time, the four-layer structure is mostly used, which has good water and oxygen barrier functions. Unrestricted, packaging bags of different specifications and styles can be customized and can be made into flat pockets, three-dimensional bags, organ bags, and other styles. The cookie bag meets the requirements of environmental protection (a third-party test report can be provided).

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Quality cookies bag
We improve the product grade and strengthen the visual effect of the shelf according to the characteristics and needs of the customer’s products. The oxygen-insulating protective layer of the aluminum box can be added to reduce the oxygen permeability and prolong the product’s shelf life.
Tested and printed cookie bags

The cookie bag meets the strictest environmental protection standards for European Union and North America packaging materials.

The requirements for the production of cookie bag products are as follows:

1. Strong mechanical properties, high blast resistance, strong puncture resistance, and tear resistance.
2. The company mainly produces food bags. 100% pure material, non-toxic and tasteless, in line with food and drug packaging hygiene standards. Aluminum box bags can be divided into anti-static aluminum foil cookies bags, high-temperature aluminum foil cookies bags, food aluminum foil cookies bags, etc.
3. Strong air barrier performance, anti-oxidation, waterproof and moisture-proof.
4. Good heat-sealing performance, good flexibility, and high barrier performance.
5. High-temperature resistance, low-temperature resistance, oil resistance, and good fragrance retention.