The feathers of candy packaging

The most pop mixed candy bags

This mixed candy bag is a candy spree that can save you from having difficulty choosing. The one mixed candy bag contains more than three kinds of candies. However, each candy is an independent candy package. Every bite is a surprise! From marshmallows to chocolates, from toffee, sour pops to all kinds of wafers, you can use custom candy bags at Hibags. However, the taste of each candy is highly delicate, and the process of eating it is like exploring a fairy tale world, and every mouth is full of surprises.

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The common candy bags classification

The food packaging bags produced by Hibags are suitable for all kinds of custom candy bags. Hibags caters to the needs of the majority of candy manufacturers and consumers. You can use these releasable candy bags multiple times, extending the product’s shelf life. The following are classified according to the function of the candy bag: – Candy bags with window – Candy packaging with zipper – Flat candy bags – Kraft paper candy bags – LDPE ziplock candy bags

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The process of custom candy bags

We will provide you with a one-stop custom candy bags service. And, you don’t need to worry about the quality of these candy bags. If you want to cooperate with us for a long time, we will offer you a more favorable wholesale price. The primary process when you wholesale custom candy bags at Hibags:

  • State your custom candy bag requirements.
  • Please give us your candy bag packaging design.
  • Or we provide you with an exclusive custom candy bags templates.
  • Accept your wholesale custom candy bags.
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1. What material do you use candy package?

We make candy bags using seven layers of co-extruded thermoformed film and lidding film to provide you with high-quality snack nut bags.

2. What help do you provide for candy bags?

You tell us your candy packaging requirements, and our designers will design exclusive custom candy bags for you. If there is a product candy packaging design, we can directly produce it according to your candy packaging design. We can provide you with a one-stop printing service if you need it.

3. Do you offer sustainable or recyclable candy packaging for candy products?

Yes, our factory producing candy bags has always been committed to the scientific concept of environmentally friendly and healthy food and the environment. If you need it, we will provide you with recyclable candy bags.