Mylar Bags Wholesale: One of the Best Choices for Your Business

Hibags provides various types of Mylar bags wholesale service, such as coffee bags, deodorant bags, zipper bags, spout bags, etc. We have a variety of sizes of Mylar bags wholesale for you to choose from, and we can also provide customized Mylar bags wholesale services according to your actual packaging needs.

Common packaging products of Mylar Bags are divided into solid, liquid and powder forms. Our professional team will offer the most suitable customized Mylar bags wholesale service according to the product and the packaging effect you want to achieve, helping you improve the user experience and increase the product repurchase rate.

What Are Mylar Bags?

mylar bags wholesale

Made from metalized polyester, mylar bags have a silver effect that comes from a metalized coating or a lamination to foil. Mylar bags have good barrier properties, can effectively prevent the attack of light, moisture and insects, and extend the shelf life of the product. These excellent properties make it an ideal choice for packaging various products. It is necessary to buy quality Mylar bags for your business.

In Hibags, we purchase raw materials from reliable and legitimate manufacturers, making sure you receive the best Mylar bags in bulk. Meanwhile, absorbers and desiccants are also buy from trustworthy suppliers. We remain committed to put the Mylar bags quality first, instead of price. With years of experience and reputation, we have established a close relationship with first-class manufacturers in the Mylar bags wholesale business.

We bend ourselves to manufacture a wide selection of Mylar bags, from sizes to thickness and specifications, offering perfect Mylar bags wholesale service packaging solutions for customers.

Custom Mylar Bags Wholesale Service Include:


Mylar Bag Size:

Our design team will conceive a variety of possible packaging solutions based on the actual packaging items, and after many tests, screen out the best Mylar bag packaging solution. We strive to save resources as much as possible, reduce customer packaging costs, and avoid waste. At the same time, it ensures that the bag has good sealing performance, is not easy to break, and the packaging is beautiful.

standing pouch printing

Mylar Bags Printing Effects:

Hibags has professional printing equipment and related technical personnel. All printed materials are from well-known brands. The printing effect is clear and not easy to fade, helping your products achieve the best marketing effect.

spout mylar bags
custom coffee bags

Functional Design of Mylar Bags:

According to the different packaging products, the use function of Mylar bags should be different. For example, for packaging liquid products, spouted mylar bags can greatly improve the user experience by virtue of its convenient dumping feature. For solid products, the zipper Mylar bag is easy to open and seal, and it is destined to be a better choice.

mylar bags wholesale

Bag Material – Mylar:

According to the actual application of the product in daily life, you can specify the production material of the bag. We ensure that all raw materials come from trusted manufacturers and meet food safety standards. All Mylaar bags can be used in direct contact with food. The common raw material Mylar has good high-temperature resistance, abrasion resistance and excellent printing characteristics. These excellent characteristics make it widely praised in the packaging industry.

Main Influence of Mylar Bags Price:

  • Mylar bags quantity purchased, the thickness of Mylar bags, and the size of Mylar bag. In fact, you can get a competitive Mylar bags wholesale price if you buy it in bulk.

Delivery Service:

  • We deliver Mylar bags in strict accordance with the date specified in the contract to ensure that customers receive high-quality Mylar bags wholesale in a timely manner.

Online Service:

  • During the purchase process, Hibags online customer service will provide online consulting services to answer customer questions in time. If there are any quality problems with the Mylar bags received, please contact online customer service within 3 days, and we will provide you with the best solution.

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