Biodegradable Stand-Up Pouches: All Things You Should Know About

Biodegradable packaging is a term most consumers have heard, but do they really know what it means? What is a biodegradable stand-up pouch, what is it made of, and what is the difference between biodegradable stand-up pouches vs. traditional stand-up pouches? And why do people select biodegradable stand-up pouches? Furthermore, did you know that stand-up pouches wholesale is also making its way in the markets? In this article, we will answer some of these questions:

What Are The Biodegradable Stand-Up Pouches?

There is a new kind of packaging taking over the world. Corporations such as Nestle and Kraft are using biodegradable packaging to make biodegradable stand-up pouches. However, one thing is clear; stand up pouches are not a form of biodegradable packaging. Biodegradable packaging materials such as polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) are biodegradable, but they require immense time and certain conditions to biodegrade. Biodegradable packaging such as paper, starch, wood pulp, and corn biodegrade easily, but the biodegradable stand-up pouches are not made of these.

The bio-degradable stand-up pouches are made from an energy-efficient process. Different layers of special film are put together to form a barrier bag that protects the contents inside these bio-degradable stand-up pouches from vapor, odor, or light, depending on the product’s needs. The biodegradable stand-up pouches, though made from multiple film layers, take 12 percent less film to make than other stand-up pouches. The less material results in less waste, and the lesser weight also means that less fuel per unit is consumed to transport stand up pouches.

With biodegradable stand-up pouches, the environmental impact is decreased because of the design. It is flexible enough to store. Each pouch is durable and puncture-resistant, which means it can work as protective packaging without the need for supplement material such as an inner liner or outer box. Consequently, it eliminates the cost and consumption of the energy that is associated with regular stand-up pouches.  Bio-degradable stand-up pouches is proof that biodegradable packaging is not the only form of packing that is environmentally friendly. Biodegradable stand-up pouches wholesale is also widely available now.

Biodegradable materials

Biodegradable stand-up pouches are made from a biodegradable material, which can be described as a material that can be decomposed by bacteria or other natural organisms. In the process of decomposition, they are not adding to the pollution. There are several stand-up pouches that one can make using biodegradable packaging. These include compostable stand-up pouches, kraft paper pouch, and recyclable stand-up pouches:

Types of Biodegradable Stand-Up Pouches

Compostable stand-up pouches


Compostable stand-up pouches have more strength to carry the contents, are freezer safe and can ensure oxygen supply to the food inside. It also has a moisture barrier and the compostable stand-up pouches are made from renewable and compostable raw materials. It is also free from grease and water, and the products inside the compostable stand-up pouches are free from any damage.  The portable packaging of compostable stand-up pouches makes it easier for storage and transportation. You can buy stand-up pouches wholesale from shops near you.

Recyclable stand-up pouches


It is a bit different from compostable stand-up pouches. Recyclable stand-up pouches offer numerous benefits and opportunities for cost-savings. The recyclable stand-up pouches can fit up to ten times the number of units in a single truck. They can also reduce distribution costs and harmful emissions. The best part is that fewer materials are required to produce the recyclable stand-up pouches than other packaging. Fewer resources are also used in the process. Recyclable stand-up pouches wholesale is easily available if you choose to invest in those.

Kraft Paper Pouch

kraft pouches wholesale

These are another form of biodegradable stand-up pouches. Kraft Paper Pouch has biodegradable packaging. They are made from recycled craft paper, and from the inside, they are lined with aluminum foil. The aluminum foil is there to keep the contents moisture-free. Kraft paper pouch is made in different formats and shapes. The Kraft paper pouch is excellent for keeping edibles and pharmaceutical products because of the moisture blocking properties. Kraft paper pouches wholesale can also be bought easily.

Biodegradable Stand-Up Pouches vs. Traditional Stand-Up Pouches

Biodegradable stand-up pouches have biodegradable packaging, and they are preferred more than traditional stand-up pouches. Here are some reasons why:

Environment friendliness

Biodegradable stand-up pouches are manufactured with less energy and fewer resources. In this way, less harmful gases are emitted during production.


The bio-degradable stand-up pouches are made in a variety of designs. On the other hand, the traditional stand-up pouches have a regular designing which makes them less appealing.


Fewer resources are required for biodegradable packaging. Consequently, it costs less as compared to traditional stand-up pouches. And as a result, stand-up pouches wholesale can easily be bought.

Custom printing

Biodegradable stand-up pouches have a wide front and back. Companies can custom print them, and it becomes less labor-intensive in addition to becoming cheaper.

Why People Select Biodegradable Stand-Up Pouches?

In recent years, with growing awareness of global warming and the need to control climate change, people turn to biodegradable packaging products such as bio-degradable stand-up pouches. They are functional and flexible, which is why several people prefer using them.

They are also growing in popularity as more and more products are being offered in these packages—these range from potato chips to coffee beans and soap refills. Freedonia Group conducted a study in which they revealed that the demand for biodegradable stand-up pouches would grow to $2.9 billion by 2022. The popularity keeps going everywhere as they are light, take up less self-space, and make product handling storage a lot easier than other stand-up pouches.

These products are so highly-demanded because they have the resealability factor, a major plus for most people. They are also easily recyclable, which enforces the idea of sustainable living. They are made from fewer materials and are durable for longer periods, and cost less, which is why you can find stand-up pouches wholesale for lower prices.

Final Thoughts

Biodegradable stand-up pouches are definitely the future. The fact that they have biodegradable packaging is what makes them more appealing. More than ever, more and more customers and manufacturers are investing in it, and you can find the stand-up pouches wholesale at reasonable prices. Cleaning up the earth and enforcing sustainable living just got a whole lot easier.

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