In-stock Kraft Paper Stand Up Pouches

Though we are kraft paper pouch manufacturer and have strong ability to provide custom stand up pouches for customers, we understand that not every customer can order for large quantities of custom kraft paper stand up pouches. In view of this we have strengthened our production facilities to provide various kinds of kraft pouches in-stock. Such as kraft paper ziplock bag, kraft pouch with window, small size kraft paper stand up pouches. They are all with innovative design, high quality and reasonable price.

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Custom Kraft Paper Stand Up pouches

We also offer custom kraft paper stand up pouches to suit your specific requirements. Need kraft stand up pouches with window? or need kraft ziplock bags? If you do not see what you need from our in-stock paper pouch packaging, contact us and we can likely adapt or design & build your kraft stand up pouches just the way you want. 

Kraft Paper Bags with Window

Multi-purpose kraft paper bags are easy to use, and its square bottom allows it to stand up on the shelf. These stand up bags are made of textured kraft paper and have a transparent window, enabling consumers to see the products inside. This kind of kraft paper bags is ideal for the packaging of candies, tea, coffee, and other bulk items. Good sealing effect on the top of them ensure long-term storage of products and preserve aroma better. Kraft paper and printing inks offered by the best suppliers are adopted in the manufacture of our Kraft paper bags. As a consequence, the details and colors of our kraft paper bags look impeccable.

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Paper Bags with Window Wholesale

Kraft paper bags wholesale are suitable for your different packaging solutions, such as tea, candies, and coffee packaging. Hibags offers good Kraft paper bag wholesale service with a wide selection of sizes for every sort of your products. All the manufacturing processes of our Kraft paper bags are thoroughly supervised by our strict inspection process. Materials, including paper, ink, and glue, are provided by reliable manufacturers. High-quality Kraft paper allows customers to carry the amount of items. Our Kraft paper bags wholesale are 100% made of Kraft paper and have good durability and re-usability that contribute to environmental protection.

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Kraft Pouch with Window

Kraft pouches with window are designed to offer customers more packaging options. These Kraft pouches with window are suitable for coffee shops, canteens and tea shops or other shops that need ready items packaging solutions. In addition, these pouch bags are suitable for the exhibition of your products on the shelves. A transparent window allows you to view the content inside with a natural and attractive solution. High barrier properties of these Kraft pouches with window can help clients better preserve the aroma and freshness of their goods. Hibags is committed to manufacturing the best Kraft pouches with window for customers as well as with the most competitive price.

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Kraft Stand Up Pouches with window

Hibags is committed to manufacture durable and effective Kraft pouches with window for customers. We adopt the latest technology, along with specialized team of workers, to offer you complete Kraft stand up pouches with window wholesale service and high-quality Kraft pouches with window. These Kraft pouches with window are made of multiple layers with flexible and durable Kraft paper. Flexible packaging is an overarching contributor in sustainable packaging of Kraft paper bags. Kraft stand up pouches with window made by Hibags have a natural look and an innovative feature. We can adjust the shape and design of the transparent window of our Kraft pouches in strict accordance with customers’ requirements.

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Paper Food Bags with Window

Paper food bags with window have a great printing effect and smart design, which can meet even the most captious customer’s demands. Packaging bags play an important role in the first impression of products on customers’ minds. Hibags has remained committed to offering paper food bags with a window with a high-quality and innovative appearance design. We can offer customer perfect paper bags with window wholesale service for customers. For paper bags with windows, Hibags adopts advanced technology and superior materials in the production process, and the inks and paper adopted to conform to safety regulations. In addition, we can also offer custom service on size and printing to satisfy customers’ actual packaging needs.

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Sealable Paper Bags with Window

Are you looking forward to unique sealable paper bags with window for the packaging of your products? Then Hibags will be your best choice. We offer custom sealable paper bags with window in strict accordance with clients’ requirements. We are professional in manufacturing sealable paper bags with window, and they can be made in different types of sizes and outlook. These sealable paper bags with window are an ideal packaging solution for coffee, tea, candies and nuts, etc. Their high barrier properties help your products keep fresh, and the smart design of our sealable paper bags with window allow you to reuse them for many times, which help you reduce packaging costs and also friendly to the environment.

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kraft Resealable Pouches wholesale

Kraft resealable pouches are made of high-quality Kraft paper which enables these pouches to have better barrier properties, protecting goods from moisture and oxygen. These pouches possess a resealable zipper that is convenient for packaging and friendly to the environment. The materials we adopted conform to security regulations and you can be assured to use them for food storage such as tea, candies, cookies and so forth. We offer perfect Kraft resealable pouches wholesale service and the most competitive price for our customers. We are looking forward to your order all the time.

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Kraft Paper Resealable Bags

Hibags applies itself to manufacture innovative and eco-friendly Kraft paper resealable bags for customers. We will provide customers with innovative Kraft paper resealable bags. The raw materials used in the production process meet the safety standards and can be in direct contact with food. The selected Kraft paper is pollution-free and meets national environmental protection standards. At the same time, a recyclable zipper design is adopted in our Kraft paper bags, which can be reused many times, helping clients reduce packaging costs. We will add specific logos and product information to the Kraft paper resealable bags in strict accordance with the requirements of customers to help them maintain brand image.

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Kraft Ziplock Bags Wholesale

Kraft ziplock bags are made of 100% Kraft paper which is more environmentally friendly. The materials adopted by Hibags are conformed to safety regulations and can be directly used for the packaging of candies, tea, coffee, biscuits, etc. High barrier performance and precise gluing can better keep the freshness and aroma of your products. In addition, the innovative appearance of our Kraft ziplock bags helps your products stand out among competitors. Custom texts and patterns can be printed in accordance with customers’ demands. Hibags will offer you the best Kraft ziplock bags wholesale service and the most favorable prices with high quality Kraft ziplock bags.

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Kraft Paper Ziplock Bag

These Kraft paper ziplock bags are commonly used in the market. The materials adopted by Hibags are conformed to safety regulations and can be directly used for the packaging of candies, tea, coffee, biscuits, etc. Our Kraft paper ziplock can be manufactured with custom sizes from small to large to satisfy various products packaging needs. In the meantime, our Kraft paper ziplock bag adopts high quality resealable zipper to guarantee the air-tightness, and the zipper can be reused for many times with high barrier performance. The Kraft paper ziplock bags can stand on the shelves to display your products which is convenient for both consumers and merchants.

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Kraft Zipper Bags

This style Kraft zipper bags are manufactured with the most advanced compacting technology and high quality materials. Each Kraft zipper bag is equipped with an easy tear notch above the zipper. Such smart design bring great convenience to customers, at the same time provide high barrier for oxygen and moisture for packed products. You can feel assured to use this style Kraft zipper bags to packing your food products, because the materials we used are conform to food safety regulations which allow you to store food directly. At the same time, you can customize the size and print brand information on these Kraft zipper bags.

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Brown Kraft Stand Up Pouches

This brown Kraft stand up pouches are made of high-quality Kraft paper, which is waterproof and moisture-proof, and is very suitable for packaging and storage of various bulk products. The top of our brown Kraft stand up pouch is equipped with a good-quality zipper to ensure a good air-tightness. And the zipper of this brown Kraft stand up pouch can be re-used many times without affecting the original sealing effect of it, which greatly reduces the packaging costs for customers and reduces environmental pollution. The gusset at the bottom of the brown Kraft stand up pouch can make it stand on the shelf, which is ideal for display of goods. We have a professional team to offer perfect brown Kraft stand up pouch wholesale services.

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Finally, you need to choose the right kraft stand up pouches manufacturer or supplier. The right paper stand out pouch manufacturer isn’t always the same for everyone. For example, if you require highly customized kraft paper food packaging pouches , a kraft paper pouches wholesale supplier without pouch factoy probably isn’t right for you. Or, if your pouch packing needs are quite simple, you may be able to work with a stand up pouch supplier that offers more generic, less expensive kraft pouches.

The unifying factor when it comes to getting a quality kraft bags packing solution, though, is customer service. No matter your kraft pouch packing application requirements and no matter your budget, you should choose a kraft stand up pouches provider that understands your requirements and seeks to attend them with care. With a standing pouch provider like this, you can’t go wrong.

At Hibags, we pride ourselves on delivering reliable and high quality kraft paper pouches you want.

Not only kraft paper pouch manufacturer, Hibags is a packing pouch manufacturer that supply whole stack stand up pouches. Our food grade pouches include kraft stand up pouches, stand up zipper pouches, clear stand up pouches, stand up pouches with spout, and so on.

The minimum order quantity that we prefer is 5000 per color/model up to 5 different sizes available. However, please do not hesitate to contact us even if you have another suggestion.

Of course, you can. Our customers can print, brand label their initials, logos or the name of their company. In shortly, you can put everything about your brand on the kraft paper pouches that we produce with full of trust.

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