Dried fruits and nuts are healthy food, including all kinds of roasted, fried, pickled, and flavored nuts. Their taste is easily affected by moisture and oxidation.Therefore, dry fruits packing bags play an essential role in maintaining the crispness, texture, and flavor of food.

Dry fruit packing pouches should have good airtightness and moisture resistance. Hibags has decades of experience in manufacturing dry fruit packaging pouch. We understand the nature of the product and provide solutions accordingly. According to customer preferences, we manufacture attractive color printed dry fruit packing pouches. Our dry fruit pouches can maintain the freshness of dried fruit until they are delivered to consumers.

Please contact Hibags to find out how we design and develop cost-effective dry fruits packing bags. We take customer satisfaction as our primary criterion! Please believe us!

dry fruit pouches

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What a Stand-Up Pouch?

A Stand-Up Pouch is a small bag that can stand up independently with the help of a bottom gusset. Our Stand-Up Pouches have zipper options, which are re-sealable and reusable. The sturdy vertical bag structure minimizes the shelf space they occupy in the supermarket and becomes a perfect substitute for traditional box packaging.

Hibags stand-up pouches come in various sizes, shapes, and colors. They are ideal pouches for dry fruits and dried fruits. We are recognized as one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of dried fruit pouches in China. This Stand-Up Pouch window function makes your products clear while maintaining the crispness, aroma, and flavor of dry fruits and dried fruits. It contains plastic, aluminum, and other materials to protect it from environmental hazards during transportation and storage. Hibags is committed to mass production and supply of dry fruit pouches in the market. These dried fruits Stand-Up Pouch have a flexible packaging design and can stand on shelves for mass sales.

dry fruit pouches

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What is a clear pouch?

The bottom of the transparent pouch is a gusset, which can be placed independently. The clear structure allows consumers to view your dry fruits, enhances the brand image, and creates an alluring feeling for customers. And we provide you with a large area of blank space for labels or custom printing. It also has many consumer-friendly features, such as tearing and pressing zippers.

Why use clear dry fruit pouches?

  • Clear visibility of the product.
  • A friendly choice for start-ups.
  • The brand label can be attached to the pouch
  • Optimize cost
  • Better aesthetic appeal
dry fruit pouches

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What is a kraft paper pouch?

Kraft paper pouch is a flexible packaging material made of recycled kraft paper lined with aluminum foil. It is one of our most popular packaging bags. Hibags combines natural kraft paper with stand-up packaging bags to provide consumers with convenience. In order to keep the items in the package moisture-free, these packages are usually laminated with aluminum foil. Therefore, they have moisture resistance and are very suitable for nuts and dried fruits products. To meet different requirements, we provide six sizes of kraft paper pouches with tearable notches and zippers. You can also display your dried fruits through the window.

Kraft paper pouches have the following advantages:

  • Strong and sturdy 
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Better quality
  • Maximum usage
  • Environmental protection
  • Cost-effective
dry fruit pouches

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What is a dry fruits paper pouch?

Paper pouches are widely praised for their cleanness and simplicity. Hibags paper pouches can be customized in various sizes, shapes, and structures, with high strength, high aesthetics, and leak-proof design.

Benefits of paper bags:

  • Environmental protection
  • Optimize cost
  • Innovation in packaging
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Suitable for packaging of dry fruits and other foods
  • Designs with windows show the quality of the items in the bag; they can help you build your brand image
dry fruit pouches

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What is a flat pouch?

Flat pouches are a widespread form of pouches for dry fruits and dried fruits. These bags usually have a hanging hole that can be hung on the wall. These flat bags are easy to use, heat-sealable, and convenient to pack and are available in various sizes and specifications. From the customer’s point of view, it satisfies the convenience of filling the bag. Hibags, a leading manufacturer of dried fruit bags, provides a variety of options, such as Dori / Handle / Rivet / Tear Notch / Zipper, etc., for easy use.

Our flat pouches:

  • Available in size and structure
  • Various handles
  • Different formats of packaging bags, such as vertical packaging bags, side flap packaging bags, three sides sealed bags, central sealed bags, etc
  • Custom printing
dry fruit pouches

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What is a three-side seal pouch?

As the name suggests, it is a pouch sealed from three sides and one side. The three-side sealing pouch is kept open and heat-sealed after the product is loaded. These sachets can be used in different areas of food and medicine, such as dried fruit and dry fruits, and other markets.
The three-side-sealed pouch is easy to open and dispense, has repeatable sealability, prevents accidental tampering, and can be used for various foods. Snacks, Namkeen, dried fruits, beans, grains, and other foods all need this kind of packaging, thus avoiding the use of glass or plastic containers and playing an environmentally friendly role.