How Many Cups of Coffee in a 12 OZ Bag

During the leisure time, the majority of people would tend to choose a cup of coffee to lift the spirit. Taking a sip of coffee and savoring its aftertaste in the mouth, you will taste the sweetness mixed with a bit of bitterness. The charming of coffee exactly rests on its unique taste as complicated and charming as life is.

In fact, coffee has already become a necessitate in daily life. You could always easily find a bag of coffee on the shelf no matter in the shop around the corner or in the crowded supermarket. Having found coffee, we, presumably, all want to know how many cups of coffee on earth can be made from a bag of coffee.

Today, let us conduct an interesting calculating to figure out how many cups of coffee in a 12 oz bag.

Firstly, let us suppose that there’s just you drinking coffee in your home and you drink two or three cups a day.

Secondly, as there are many weights of coffee to choose from in the market, the editor will take the 12 oz ( about 336ml ) bag of coffee as an experiment benchmark for your reference.

Finally, the biggest variable here lies in the size of your coffee cup. The common coffee cup on the market register 120ml~140ml. This kind of coffee cup is more commonplace for enough capacity to adjust the proportion and add milk foam or sugar. This kind of coffee cup is more commonplace for enough capacity to adjust the proportion and add milk foam or sugar. But to be honest, this kind of coffee cup is more like a small teacup! Let us assume your coffee cup register 9 oz ( about 252ml ). This kind of coffee cup is great for brewing up coffee while adding a lot of milk. Only such a mug can embrace its sweet and mellow flavor when you are gonna brew up a cup of American Mocha.

How Many Cups in a 12 OZ Bag of Coffee

Let’s begin with the standard calculation for the proportion of coffee to water:
Many calculations are conducted on a 6-ounce cup. Adding 36 ounces of ground coffee per 6-ounce cup. According to the proportion of 1: 0.6, it is reasonable for you to add 0.54 ounces of ground coffee per 9-ounce cup. Now we can make it clear that how many 0.54 servings you can made from a 12 oz bag of whole beans. Of course, if you have bought a bag of ground coffee, it would save your efforts to grind it and you can brew it to your like.

To begin with, let’s suppose there’s no extra wastage or sprinkle. Under such circumstances, your 12 oz of whole beans can be ground into 12 oz of ground coffee. And then, how many on earth 0.54 servings you could obtain from a 12 oz bag of whole beans? Now, can you answer it? Bingo. It is 22 cups. And that means, 12 oz bag of whole beans ( 22 cups ) will last you 11 days on the presuppose of two cups a day. It will last you about 7 days if you have three cups per day. Last but not least, the taste varies from person to person.

If you prefer strong coffee, and that means, you will add more ground coffee proportionally. Two cups of coffee per day is most advisable. It is best to drink coffee after lunch when the risk of gastrointestinal irritation will be minimized. Moreover, don’t also drink coffee after dinner when would affect your sleep quality.

I hope this helps! May you have a nice day.

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