Stand Up Pouch Wholesale
With the food-grade and non-toxic material, stand up pouch has become popular in the flexible packaging industry. stand up pouch bags can create a dry environment which will help you store discrete and hygroscopic products such as coffee beans, candies, and cigarettes. Generally, a stand up pouch was designed with different sealing, which will make it easier for you to use the products again.

Being a professional large-scale manufacturer of standing pouch, Hibags provides customers with stand up pouches wholesale services to assist you design your own food packaging . We use non-toxic and harmless advanced flexible packaging materials to manufacture the environmental friendly standing pouch. The stand up bags we offer come in various types: clear standing pouches, stand up zipper pouch, spout pouch, kraft standing pouch, resealable pouches, and plastic zipper pouch.

Plus, as a considerate stand up pouch packaging manufacturer, We also offer standing pouch customization service. You could order the size, color and shape of stand up pouch packaging as your practical needs. Moreover, the following services are also within our range of ability: standing pouch printing service, stand up pouches wholesale service, and standing pouch price consultation service.

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What is Stand Up Pouch Packaging?

Given the development of new packaging materials, manufacturers and distributors have access to a variety of primary packaging choices: boxes, cartons, displays, bottles, composite cans and flexible packaging to name a few. Of these options, stand up pouch packaging stands out and is uniformly effective in protecting contents and convenient to the customers.

In the current market, the stand up pouch packaging has enjoyed the rapidest utilization growth, with the average annual increase of 7%,especially for resealable pouches wholesale

Stand up pouch wholesale packaging is the most popular packaging throughout the whole industries. In comparison with the traditional rigid packaging, the biggest bright point of stand up bags fall on its ability to stand up alone on the shelf. This flexible packaging brings multiple benefits to the companies and the users alike. Customers love them for reasons that they are easily kept and sport attractive designs. Companies love them for reasons that they are easily filled and distributed.

The pouch packaging finds a wide range of application in most of the industries. They are greatly ideal for packaging food items. They are used for packaging throughout multiple industries like medical and pharmaceuticals, food, jewel, gardening products.

How Stand Up Pouch Boost Your Business?

Why is the standing pouch packaging wholesale packaging so hot? That is because such stand up bags are profitable whether for the pouch packaging manufactureres or the stand up pouch wholesale suppliers. Now, let's take a detailed look at each of standing pouch packaging

For Stand Up PouchManufacturers:

The production process is followed by the commodities storage affair. Different from the bottles, jars and cans that occupy a lot of area on trucks and in warehouses, the pouch packaging takes up much less room. When the stand up bags are in the vacuum condition, they are so lightweight and hardly take up any area. Once the stand up bags become no longer flat and are filled with air, they still held little space as only the bottom takes up space. They can be easily arranged in bunches to befit any box, show surface and stockroom. Other than the flexible storage methods, the roll form of stand up bags can also help save on the logistics costs .

For Standing Pouch Retailers:

As the stand up pouch packaging flow to the market, from which some of retailers can also be benefited. Once such flexible packaging hits the shelf, it will be widely popular with the customers. For one, it is because the stand up pouch wholesale sports the flat panel at front and back, which is ideally ideal for the explaining what's inside. Apart from that, such flexible packaging has plenty of blank to print advertise, label and business logo. On the other hand, the standing pouch can be displayed in multiple ways. This kind of flexible packaging can stand alone on flat shelves or can be hung. If the shelf is of high height, so much the better. This because the less pouch weight , the more product can be hung.

What are Benefits of Our Standing Pouch?

Since their introduction, stand up pouch wholesale packaging  have managed to attract great attention of food packaging suppliers from all walks of life. Companies, big or small, use the stand up bags just because they offer many benefits. Now, let's take a look minutely.

  • Wide Application

Our standing pouch has been one of the most widely used bags in the retail market. They are used to pack and store pet foods, cosmetics, jewel, coffee, food, nutraceuticals, snacks, seasonings. There isn’t a customer market that doesn’t laud about our standing pouch.

  • Branding

We have a lot of patrons that utilize such flexible packaging form. The stand up bags offer an every-inch-of-the-bag branding area that can be printed on the front, back, and bottom. It is remarkable that our print goods are impressive and of high-quality. In this way, we can not package customer's product but advertise their brands!

  • Complete Range of Sizes
Hibags offers multiple standard sizes and can also be customized, ranging from 1.5” to 12”. The vast range of size options can fit any shelf space, large or small. As we all know, putting more products in the limited space will increased sales.
Smaller stand up pouch packaging is ideal to be the container for product samples, vitamin packs, tea bags or single use products. Some of our customers have also used our smaller standing pouch to package their company samples. Then, they give these delicate stand up bags to their customer as business present.
Our larger standing pouch work great for food products, such as snacks, chocolates, popcorn, protein powders, cannabis and, edibles. Even the pet industry favors the stand up pouch packaging, using them in the packaging of dog foods, cat treats, and chicken food.
  • Superior Material Option

Composing of high barrier materials, our stand up pouch wholesale is capable of ability to resist puncture, moisture and oxygen. to keep your products fresh. In addition to the bag material being functional, we have different kinds of standing pouch at stock, such as kraft standing pouch, clear standing pouch, plastic zipper pouch, etc. If you’re looking for a more eco-friendly and cost-effective standing pouch, please contact us - Hibags, one of the leading stand up pouch manufacturers.

Why Choose Biodegradable Stand Up Pouch?

In recent years, with the rapid popularity of e-commerce, the amount of stand up pouch availed in the current market see continuous growth. The authority advocates the low-carbon lifestyle out of consideration of sustainable development. Keeping abreast of the call of the China People's Communist Party, quite a number of farsighted businesses have veered to the application of the eco-friendly flexible packaging, expecially the stand up pouch. These eco-friendly stand up pouch packaging boast four benefits as follows:

  • It Involves Much Less Fuel

Although stand up pouches are made from multiple layers of film, they actually consume much less film than a majority of packaging bags.
Less material consumption, of course, means the less waste. but there is still another environmental benefit as well. Less material means less fuel required to deliver stand up pouches.

  • It's Fashionable

With the enhanced sense of environmental protection, the time when the packaging is littered casually the streets have gone. At present, there is an increasing number of people who prefer the biodegradable pouch bags. Following this trend, it is promising for you to engage in the business of eco-friendly pouch packaging.

  • Show Business's Philosophy of Environmental Protection

In fact, many consumers prefer biodegradable stand up pouch packaging  simply for its environmentally-friendly feature. Consequently, buyers often view companies negatively when a packaging can't be used or recycled after the content of it has run-up. The same philosophy of environmental protection would rapidly decrease the gap between you and your potential consumers. A positive company image undoubtedly sets the stage to the more promising business market.

  • Reducing Carbon Footstep
Our biodegradable pouch packaging can be broken down into natural elements, water, and carbon dioxide through the industrial disposal. They can be also discomposed into the compost without any remnant left behind other than their ability to perfectly break down. Therefore, our eco pouch packaging is safer both to humanity and environmental health.
How to Open Stand Up Pouch?
Despite the methods to open the coffee bag vary in accordance withthe different packaging designs. However, the methods stated below are almost suitable for any standing pouch.
Type 1: Stand Up Pouch With Tailorable Dotted Lines: under the top opening of the stand up bags, there are two clearly visible and symmetrical dotted lines. The first method is that you just take out a scissor and shear along the dotted lines. This method is very controllable and does not cause any inconvenience.
Type 2: Stand Up Pouch With a Tear Tap: the top of the stand up bags have a tear tap. You could just tear down the top opening by hand. But you should pay great attention to the strength you use to tear down it. This method is unwieldy and uncontrollable because it has a great risk of impairing the package and the big opening will cause the unnecessary spill of the coffee when you fetch it.
Moreover, I want to give a kind suggestion that the coffee aroma and freshness will remain for a long time only when you open the bag and then keep it inside the jar.
How to Seal Stand Up Pouch?
When it comes to seal the pouch bags, the methods vary in line with the different packaging designs. However, the method stated below is almost suitable for any stand up pouch.
Type 1: Sealing Bag With a Clamp: If you directly tear down the pouch bags by hand and then find there is no a zip-seal. In this case, you could flatten the top of the bag and fold the two sides of the bag towards the central axis line to meet at the same point. And then you could use a clamp to seal the overlap.
Type 2: Sealing Bag With a Zip-Seal: If you directly tear down the packaging along the dotted line by hand, the coffee inside the bag directly contact with the oxygen. This is unfavorable for you to preserve the freshness and aroma of your coffee. Under such circumstances, if there is a zip-seal under the opening, you could reseal it directly.
Type 3: Heat Sealing: In fact, what you are sealing is only the innermost layer of the stand up pouch packaging itself. This inner layer is compose of generally from
polyethylene because it heats and melts quite easily. To seal the pouch, you should place the open-end of the pouch bags between the tools -clamps or jaws. The clamps or jaws will become hot within minutes after they coincide with each other. And then, these tools will seal the pouch tight.
Moreover, I want to give a kind suggestion that the coffee aroma and freshness will remain for a long time only when you open the bag and then keep it inside the jar.