Tea Packaging Bags Wholesale

Why do you need to pack the tea? Effective tea packaging bags can easily store and transport various forms of tea. Therefore, “tea bag packing” is a crucial concept. Not only tea, but any product needs packaging. In addition to protecting the product itself, tea packaging bags also function to beautify the product and advertising. Tens of thousands of tons of tea are produced every day in the world. They need to be packaged and delivered to consumers.

As the origin of tea, China has undergone many years of changes in tea packaging pouch manufacturing. Hibags is a food packaging bag manufacturer with extensive experience in China. We dare to speak up, thinking that we have achieved the top in the field of tea packaging bags in China. If you are willing to give a chance to cooperate with Hibags, you will definitely not be interested in other companies’ tea packing pouch designs! Let’s take a look at what makes us have such strong self-confidence!

tea packaging bags
tea packaging bags
tea packaging bags
tea packaging bags
tea packaging bags

– Flexibility

  • In general, the materials needed to produce flexible tea packaging are 75% less than bottles, cans, and other rigid packaging. The cost is usually three to six times lower than rigid packaging. Stand-up pouches are also an all-in-one tea bag packing solution: no lids or inserts are required.

– Environmentally friendly

  • Our tea packaging bags are very environmentally friendly. The stand-up tea pouch can be used repeatedly and resealed-the airtight environment can keep the contents fresh, free of odor, oxygen, and moisture.

– Heat seal

  • The tea heat-sealed bag satisfies the customer’s desire for a tamper-proof surface. Heat sealing has another advantage: it can extend the shelf life of tea, maintain freshness and ensure food safety.

– Custom tea bag packaging

  • Custom tea bag packaging can brighten your brand message and build customer loyalty. We provide any form of custom tea bag packaging and tea packaging bags wholesale services. By investing in our tea packing bag, you will become an industry leader.
tea packaging bags

tea packaging pouch

This tea packing pouch is very eye-catching. The appearance uses bright green, which fits the original color of tea. The Chinese-style calligraphy “tea” occupies the middle part of the tea packing bag. It is a two-sided sealed bag with a zipper bottom that can stand. The bag is lined with polypropylene, which has heat sealability and oil resistance.

tea packaging bags

tea packaging bags

Our airtight packaging is the perfect choice to keep tea leaves fresh until they reach your customer’s cup. This tea packing pouch is vacuum packed. We pack the tea leaves into bags and then evacuate the air inside. This tea packing pouch has various capacities, including 30g, 75g, 125g, 250g, 500g, and 1kg.

tea packaging bags

custom tea bag packaging

This is a simple and bright tea bag package design, still using a vertical bag structure. The tea packing bag is equipped with a zipper on the upper side and sealed on the side. The square bottom structure allows the tea packing bag to stand firmly on the store shelf. Our tea packaging bags pattern can be customized, and you can enjoy our tea packaging bags wholesale discount prices.

tea packaging bags

paper bags for tea packaging

It is paper bags for tea packaging, foldable and unsealed. The most significant advantage of paper bags for tea packaging is that it is easy to carry and the cost is much lower than other tea bag packing methods. Our paper bags for tea packaging are made of cowhide material, which is waterproof and breathable. You don’t have to worry about the tea being damp or moldy.

tea packaging bags wholesale

The Zhenghong design makes the tea packaging pouch very prominent, and the atmosphere does not lose its femininity. This time it is a three-sided sealing bag to keep your products fresh and prevent excess moisture and odors from entering. You can customize the color, text, and pattern of the packaging according to your preferences. If you custom tea bag packaging in Hibags, you can enjoy preferential tea packing pouch price.

tea packaging bags

custom tea bag packaging

In addition to tea packaging bags, we also provide tea bag box packaging. This is the most popular synthetic tea bag box packaging. It has the advantages of economy, lightness, beauty, and high air permeability. The key is that it is a brand new packaging method. Unlike tea packing pouch, tea bag box packaging has a very stable structure, a more exquisite appearance, and better materials.

tea bag package

This is transparent tea packaging bags using natural kraft paper material. We have a fully transparent and translucent tea packing pouch, and you can also choose with a window. Transparent tea packaging bags also have some additional features: resealable zippers, hanging holes, exhaust valves, etc. We also added metallization or aluminum foil lamination to our tea packaging bags to help extend the product’s shelf life. So our tea packaging bags are reliable, flexible, and durable enough.

Tea Bag Packing

As a tea retailer, you should never underestimate the possibility of customers shopping through their eyes. The good-looking tea packaging pouch conveys the desirable image and quality of the product.

The high-quality tea packaging bags produced by Hibags are suitable for various forms of tea packaging, such as:

  • Green tea packaging
  • chamomile tea packaging
  • Darjeeling tea packaging
  • Ice tea packaging
  • Flavored tea packaging
  • Oolong tea packaging
  • Fruit tea packaging

Our custom tea bag packaging is an economical way of packaging tea. If you are a loose leaf tea retailer, tea bag packing supplier, or tea company, we will be able to provide a reasonable tea packing pouch price!