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As a professional bag manufacturer, we have a variety of coffee bags, such as coffee bags with valve, coffee pouch bags, resealable coffee bags, and tin tie coffee bags. Existed coffee bags save the time of making, and apply in most common situations. We promise a high-quality and material-safety bag and provide on-time, efficient delivery. There has a variety of coffee bag templates in our bag shop online.

Our Products:

  • High-quality without toxic
  • Expert sealing device
  • Good performance of storage environment
  • On-time and efficient delivery

Custom Printed Coffee Bags

Hibags provides custom printed coffee bag wholesale service. Our custom printed coffee bag wholesale service can deal bags with different materials like recycle coffee bags, kraft coffee bags, and foil coffee bags. The printing ink is clear, durable, and colorful, and can demonstrate complex or artistic bag pattern design.

With our custom printed coffee bag wholesale service, you can select:

  • The material of coffee bags
  • Have your own coffee bag pattern design
  • Different sealing device
  • Different bag design (valve, window or both)

Custom Printed Black Coffee Bags

Black custom printed coffee bag is the type of custom coffee bags we provide for the customers who want to have the black one. Kraft, foil, and other materials can be chose for your black custom printed coffee bags. We accept the pattern you designed, and printing it on the surface of bags with clear and durable result. As one of the food packaging, our coffee bags are make of non-toxic, and food-grade materials to ensure the safe of users.

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Custom Printed White Coffee Bags

White custom printed coffee bag is a kind of popular coffee bags because of its modern style and great compatibility for a variety of colors. Nowadays, with our custom printed white coffee bag wholesale service, you can design your own coffee bag patterns. We are responsible to print them on the bags with clear, durable result. Our coffee bags are made of non-toxic and food-grade materials, the printing ink also has strict quality standard to ensure the safety of users.

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Custom Printed Blank Coffee Bags

With blank custom printed coffee bag, we provide different blank colors for customers to select. Different materials, such as krat, foil, can be used for it. And the custom printed black coffee bags mainly accept the pattern from the customers designed, we only for printing them on the bags with durable, clear result. All the custom printed blank coffee bag uses the food-grade and non-toxic materials to ensure the safety of users.

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Custom Printed Kraft Coffee Bags

We have kraft custom printed coffee bag wholesale service for our customers. All the kraft coffee bags are made of food-grade materials, and they are waterproof and can provide an excellent storage environment. We allow customers to design their own patterns, and put them on the bags with our advantage printing technology. Besides, our on-time and efficient delivery is also the reason why most customers trust us.

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Custom Printed Foil Coffee Bags

Foil custom printed coffee bag uses foil as its materials. This kind of materials is waterproof, food-grade, and perform well in preservation. Nowadays, we have customized and wholesale service of this foil coffee bags. We allow customers create their own bag patterns, and can create a clear, durable printing result on the bag surface. We have strict standard of printing ink, and bag materials to ensure the safe of users.

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Custom Printed Tin Tie Coffee Bags

This kind of custom printed coffee bag has a special sealing device that made of a little foil strip for convenience open for taking or preserving. Most tin tie coffee bags use kraft or foil as their materials. With your custom printed coffee bags wholesale service, you can design your own tin tie coffee bags patterns, we’ll print them on the bag surface. Our coffee bags us non-toxic, safe materials, and has a strict standard of printing kin quality to ensure the safety of users.

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Custom Printed Coffee Bags with Valve

As a preserve packaging of coffee products, designed with a valve may promote storage environment. The valve can be installed in nearly all kinds of coffee bags. No matter kraft coffee bags of foil coffee bags. Nowadays, we provide custom printed coffee bag wholesale service that you can select the different coffee bag designs for your bags and design your own bag patterns. We create a clear, colorful printing result. With non-toxic and food-grade materials, our products is very careful at product safe.

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Custom Printed Coffee Bags with Window

If you want to show products inside the bag, a custom printed coffee bag with window is a good choice. This kind of coffee bag has a part of the transparent area to show the coffee bean inside. Customers have a vision of products and learn the quality of the products. Nowadays, we provide a custom printed coffee bag with window wholesale service and create your special own coffee bags with window. All the materials are non-toxic and safe for use.

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Custom Printed Transparent Coffee Bags

Transparent coffee bags are a special kind of coffee bag that can demonstrate the whole products inside. With a clear, modern style, this kind of coffee bag is preferred by customers. Our custom printed transparent coffee bags wholesale service allow our customers to design their own coffee bag patterns. We use non-toxic and food-grade materials for the transparent coffee bags, and our printing ink has a strict quality standard to ensure the safety for the users.

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As a professional bag manufacturer, Hibags provides high-quality products and a complete bag selling service. Nowadays, we have custom printed coffee bag wholesale services for our customers. You will get a large discount if you buy a number of custom printed coffee bags.

Customized Service:

Different sealing devices

  • Tin Tie Coffee Bags
  • Resealable Coffee Bags

Materials of Coffee Bag

  • Kraft Coffee Bag
  • Aluminum Coffee Bag
  • Other Food-Grade Materials

Different Coffee Bag Designs

  • Coffee Bag with Window
  • Coffee Bag with Valve
  • Transparent Coffee Bag

Unique Patterns of Coffee Bag

  • Our Coffee Bag Template
  • Design Your Own Coffee Bag Patterns
  • Your Own Logo

There are several aspects influence the tasting of coffee, material is absolutely the matter.

Choosing the material of coffee bags is an important step for custom printed coffee bags wholesale service. Different materials can create their own special storage environment, and for the best tasting of coffee, the different coffee products need to be preserved by suitable materials. On the other hand, the most important factor for a food packaging is to ensure the safety of the object it preserved.

Types of Coffee Packaging Materials:

Generally speaking, there are three types of material that always be used to make coffee bags: aluminum, plastic, and paper.


Most coffee packaging manufacturers prefer the aluminum foil coffee packaging because it is waterproof and can create an excellent preserving environment. As it has well waterproof feature, this kind of materials can also lock the water and fresh than other materials. Therefore, it is widely used to package fresh coffee.


There are various kinds of plastic used in packaging industry. For coffee bags, the plastic should have a higher strict standard to ensure the safe of preserving environment. Therefore, LDPE, PET, and PP are common to package coffee products. Plastic coffee bags usually are transparent coffee bags, and they are also can be made with different colors.


Most paper coffee bags are kraft coffee bags. With completed consideration, all the paper coffee bags are waterproof to ensure the quality of preserving environment. As one kind of food packaging materials, the coffee packaging paper must be non-toxic and food grade.

Food-grade and Non-toxic

No matter what kind of materials you select to packaging your coffee products, it is very important to make a strict standard for the safety of materials. Most materials must be food-grade and non-toxic. And the printing ink of the custom printed coffee bags should also be non-harmful to users. Besides, we ensure a safe delivery for customers.

Our custom printed coffee bags use gravure printing technology. We ensure the quality of printing ink, and clear the printing equipment regularly.

What is gravure printing?

Hibags provides high-quality custom coffee bag wholesale service with affordable price. There is a large discount for customers who buy a number of coffee bags. If you want to have our custom printed coffee you would consider the cost of the bags and the printing pattern. We allow our customers design their own bag pattern, but the printing equipment is not evolved our service. But it is fortunate that create a printing pattern can not spend your lots costs. With our coffee bag wholesale service, you will have excellent custom printed coffee bags with affordable prices.

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