Kraft Pouches Ziplock Paper Bag

Kraft pouches use natural recycled kraft paper material, which is solid and durable. These kraft paper pouches are usually lined with aluminum foil to keep the product from damp deterioration. Hibags is committed to providing high-quality kraft pouch bags solutions to protect and extend product shelf life. It is an excellent choice for your brand. We redefine these resealable ziplock paper bags to provide more distinctive packaging options for your products.

kraft paper bags with window

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kraft paper pouch with window

Our kraft paper pouch with window has a creative design. You can use it to hold food. There is a full square transparent window in the middle of the kraft pouches.

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kraft paper stand-up pouch with window

Kraft paper stand-up pouch with window is our best-selling product. This form combines kraft bags with windows and the advantages of standing. It can be the perfect choice for your packaging.

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kraft paper ziplock bag with window

Kraft paper ziplock bag with window is a more common packaging style. But we still remain innovative, using high-quality kraft paper raw materials and matte finishes.

Our kraft bags with window series have two options: clear high-definition windows and matte polished windows. In addition to kraft pouches with full rectangular windows, we also provide paper zip pouches with square and oval windows. Generally speaking, the windows of oval and hexagonal ziplock paper bags are not as large as rectangular and square-style ones.

kraft paper zipper pouch bags

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brown kraft paper ziplock bag

This is a brown kraft paper ziplock bag with a small hexagonal window in the middle. The whole package looks concise and clear.

ziplock paper bag
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kraft paper ziplock bag with window

These kraft zipper pouch bags have an extra window. We provide custom-printed kraft pouches for customers.

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kraft stand-up zipper pouch bags

We showed kraft stand-up zipper pouch bags for packing dried fruits. There are also kraft pouch bags with nuts and ingredients.

Our kraft zipper pouch bags are covered with a moisture-proof and waterproof film. Therefore, there will be no damage or quality problems due to moisture during storage and transportation. These ziplock paper bags are made of high-quality, wide, resealable zippers, and there are two easy-to-tear openings on both sides of the top of the ziplock. So our ziplock kraft paper pouch can be opened and closed easily. Consumers can reuse them many times and still seal them.

kraft paper stand-up bags

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kraft stand-up zipper pouch bags

These kraft stand-up zipper pouch bags have a square shape. We provide different sizes of biodegradable kraft stand-up pouch bags.

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white kraft paper stand up pouch with window

These white kraft bags with windows are very eye-catching. And Hibags provides custom printed kraft stand-up pouches.

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brown kraft stand-up pouch

Above are some of our basic kraft pouch bags. Usually, 2 oz ziplock paper bags are more popular.

Kraft stand-up pouches are the perfect choice for food packaging. This style of packaging includes a translucent and clearly visible window and has a stable vertical structure that can stand on the shelf. And it can be customized printing. You can print any words and patterns on the surface of the pouch that can enhance the recognition of your brand. The inner bag compound can keep the product fresh. These features have made kraft stand-up pouches popular in the retail industry.

kraft zipper pouch gusset bags

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resealable paper food bags

We supply food-grade resealable paper food bags. You can customize the packaging style.

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2 oz kraft stand-up pouch

We have many types of paper zip bags. Usually, a 2 oz kraft stand-up pouch is more popular.

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kraft food pouches

These are environmentally friendly kraft food pouches. Suitable for packaging various retail foods.

Kraft zipper pouch gusset bags are characterized by a flat rectangular bottom and two wide side gussets. Like kraft stand-up pouches, they can stand independently and stably on supermarket shelves. This kind of kraft food pouches with a large vertical bottom structure is conducive to the retail industry and can better display your brand image. Regarding the bag design, you can choose with or without a window. In addition, we provide customized services for size and color.

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